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Concerning The Mayor’s Race.

If The TV says it, it may be lying
This is what they should talk about
This is what they should talk about
The commercials have started and I am already annoyed at their lies. If you base your vote on what the candidates put out, you are a fool. You deserve the corrupt government you're going to get, but what about me? I work hard and try to cast votes that will bring us justice and peace. Your stupid vote screws over me and that pisses me off to no end.

There are three main characters running for mayor and the corporations are already limiting your choices to these "Three Stooges," how sad for us. Let's take a look at all 3 and wonder out loud why you should look for one of the non-media-approved candidates for mayor:

Ex-Representative Jefferson Smith, a democrat who has always followed the democratic line and has little original thought, will have to get permission from mommy to make any decision. He comes from a family of politicians and should just go away. He will do what the Democratic Party/Business Community tells him to do, want another Adams, vote for this guy.

Charlie Hale, I don't know a lot about Hale except his commercials are annoying and he comes across as a joker. A wild joker at that. So I had to do some work to find out what this guy is up to. Here's what I found out. He got the Oregonian endorsement and that is enough for me to say no! But let's see what we can find out about this smiling guy. Charlie will support our schools, he will do everything to help our schools out---The City Council is watching as our schools are closing, will this guy stand at the doors and say, "You will not close any more schools?" This is a lie, the city is busted, laying off people and the schools are not even on the agenda to receive any help from the city except maybe lies by candidates. A candidate who mentions schools should be rejected by the voters but you idiots may vote for this liar anyway. Now here is a new idea, let's take money from the city to guarantee loans to small businesses who need some money honey to get by; me thinks Charlie calls this, "Community Credit Portland." I call it Bullshit!!!!

Now we have the lady of the Three Stooges, Brady. I watched and listened to Eileen Brady on a number of occasions and she is good, good like Obama; she loves to tell you how good it will be if she is the mayor. She loves to brag about her creation of New Seasons but when pressed she gets a little fuzzy about what she did or was doing during the start-up of her overpriced grocery store. She seems to takes credit for things others have done. But if you want a bridge built just call on Eileen who shouts, "Build Baby Build." She is defended by Kari Chisholm, that is enough for me. I run!

Most organizations will tell you these are the choices you have-not true. There are at least 19 others who have stood up and signed up to be our mayor. I like Cameron Whitten, he is a guy out everyday talking to people and not just sitting on his ass looking at his commercials on TV. He is a student, has little money but does have values. He believes in equality, police accountability, dignity for the houseless, really trying to help schools, unity! Don't know Cameron, of course you don't, you need to do some research to find him on the Web or attain one of the few community events that included more than the "Three Stooges." So once again I will remind you there is more to being a citizen than filling out your voting package, you should investigate who just might represent you and not just vote for one of the Stooges because some organization, TV ad or radio commercial told you how wonderful they are---it is a lie!!!!!!

Next week District 1 Comments.

homepage: homepage: http://www.individualsforjustice.com

Another good choice is Scott Fernandez 19.Apr.2012 11:31


I am supporting Scott Fernandez for mayor. He has already proven that he will stand up for the people of Portland. He has been tackling city hall and the water bureau for ten years to defend our pure Bull Run water from privatization and from unnecessary and costly projects, such as burying our open air reservoirs. The water bureau with the city council's approval is on track to mix our pure Bull Run water with water from the Columbia and Willamette rivers. To stop this madness and to halt the further increase of your water rates, vote for Scott. You can find out more about him and his campaign here:  http://www.scottfernandezformayor.com/

PROTECT BULL RUN 19.Apr.2012 15:45

water lilly

Portland's unadulterated Bull Run drinking water is under attack from private global mega corporations. If they have their way we will be drinking the super fund Willamette and Columbia river water mixed with our current clean bull run water and paying 65% more for it. This will also mean the loss of public jobs and that the city of Portland no longer has control over our water supply.
If we lose local control to Mega corporations then plan on filling our water with fluoride and what ever else they want. Portland needs to stand up and fight to protect our water shed--we have some of the best water in the world and that is why Goldman Sucks is buying up our water bonds. Please call city council and demand a waiver to stop the covering of our reservoirs and the privatization of our current public water supply.

Nestle wants into the gorge as well, and Portland's drinking water is being pushed towards privatization. A French multi national corporation should NOT have control over our Bull Run water. Please call city council and ask questions about Portland's water.

City Council is treating our water supply like a corporate commodity that is theirs to sell off to the highest bidder. Water is a Human right and Bull Run has provided clean drinking water for the city for 150 years and has been in public control.

Portland we can NOT lose local control of our water and there is a serious push to sell out the rate payers of Portland. It will be the ole bait and switch--the mega corporations want bull run unadulterated water for themselves and they will give us the Willamette and the Columbia to drink.

Please if you drink water and do not want to pay 65% more for drinking DDT, PCB and radiation call City council and demand a waiver to save local control of our water supply.

Scott Fernandez is a good choice for for mayor--Scott has been barred from all public debates--He has followed all OF the campaign rules, but still not allowed to debate the top three candidates. whom are all taking out of state corporate MONEY.

Fifth Monday Labor Radio Show @ KBOO radio on 4/30 at 6:00pm 19.Apr.2012 16:57

Mobile T mobilet@joeanybody.com

Listen in on the live radio broadcast of KBOO Fifth Monday Radio
hour where an organizer of the American Federation of Teachers,
Mayoral candidate Cameron Whitten, myself, and the Lone Vet
along with others will be discussing issues concerning labor
reform. Tune in to 70 on the FM dial and listen/call in!