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To all Occupy, Capitalists and Socialists please watch this video and comment.

These people for the most part believe in growth and that if only we took money from the rich than everyone could live like kings. I believe that our resources are running out rapidly and that is just not possible.

Interesting video 18.Apr.2012 17:06

Joe Anybody

23:42 the reason so many people are giving up their passports is probably more like they are disgusted with "being American"
I'm not so sure it "taxes" that are driving people to renounce their citizenship
18,000 US citizens last year dropped their US ties - since 1998 this is the largest
Hell I suspect it as much more to do w/ nothing to do w/ taxes and more like US policy

The guy talking about Fracking, Tar Sands and [pro]Capitalism aspects that he supported [sucked]
But it was telling and worth listening to