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Occupy The Trees Callout!

Occupy The Trees!

Occupy Eugene, in Solidarity with Occupy Wallstreet, calls for activists
around the world to protest the destruction of our Earth. For the week of
April 22nd, 2012 —which we rename Earth Defense Week: Occupy The Trees.
We face the prospect of irreversible climate change and the destruction of
our homes and wild places. Overwhelmingly, the one percent profits at the
expense of ecosystems and communities. Economic progress can only go so
far when our right to clean air and water is violated; there are no jobs
on a dead planet.

Our Call to Action includes 3 main points:
1. Immediate attention and reversal to Global Climate Change which threatens all life on Earth.
2. Disruption of the Earth-destroying profit machines led by the richest 1% of the world and their government lackies.
3. Ending all Commercial Extraction from Public Lands in all nations of the Earth.

So...take to the trees. Set up week-long tree sits that call attention to
the destruction committed by the 1% on our rivers, oceans, fields, and
forests. Find trees in front of corporations that clear-cut and pollute
the earth, trees in front of banks that support those corporations, and
trees in front of government offices that ignore or enable the
destruction. Find trees that will soon be lost in the process of logging
or mining. Focus on the offenders who most threaten your home—particular
those who desecrate public lands for corporate profit—and chose trees
accordingly. Climb them!
We ask that those sitting for Occupy the Trees learn safety protocol for
properly ascending and descending. Please contact us if your affinity
group needs more information about the tactic of tree sitting. There may
be a climb trainer near you.

homepage: homepage: http://www.occupythetrees.org
phone: phone: 303 905 8601

Meanwhile ... 18.Apr.2012 06:20

Den Mark

... 800 trees will be cut in Portland to make way for the new Sellwood Bridge.

Bull Run 18.Apr.2012 08:21

red vole

There has been 400 trees cut down already in our Bull Run watershed--this is unacceptable--Goldman sucks is buying up our water bonds and a french muti national corporation wants to control bull run. Once the city of Portland losses control over our water we will have NO control on what chemicals are put in it--they want to mix the super fund Willamette and Columbia river water with our current bull run water and make us pay 65% more for it. Nobody should be cutting down trees in today's climate crisis --Our water shed needs to remain under local control and bull run needs protection NOT Multi national corporate management --those are two very different objectives--Yes take to the trees and speak for the trees they are the lungs of the planet and with out them we die--simple and easy to understand... Call city council and demand that our drinking water remain in public control and unadulterated once privatized we will have NO say about the corporations give us to drink....