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Some recent ALF actions...

Some recent ALF actions here in the United States reposted from Bite Back Magazine.
April 12, 2012 - HUNT SABOTAGE

"Early this morning in the USA, three anti-hunters toppled a hunting blind, three tree-stands, and smashed a trail camera.

As we approached the hunting complex, we stayed in the brush and peered into the hunting blind with binoculars to make sure the field was empty. Once we were sure that no one was in the area, we sprang into action and went after the deer killing blind.

The hunting blind had its supports silently cut with a saw, and was then pushed over into the field. The impact from the 20 foot fall tore the actual hunting blind from the tree stand, undoing all the hours it took the killers to construct the stand in about 10 minutes. After the hunting stand was taken care of, we went after the three steel tree stands that were further back in the field. The support straps on these three stands were cut, and the tree stands were then dismantled and disposed of. Upon leaving the field we saw a trail camera strapped onto a piece of wood, which was also destroyed.

We saved some wildlife from being maimed and killed by gun wielding sadists with our actions, but hunting is an extremely widespread, environmentally degrading and disgusting practice that needs to be stopped as much as possible, by anyone who has the opportunity to do so.


More pics:


"Some small actions:

January 2012: 6 hens were removed from an intensive egg farm located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

February 2012: 3 chickens were rescued and re-homed from a broiler farm in Washington state.

Escaping the horrors of the factory farm, these individuals will live out the remainder of their lives in freedom in open fields.

Solidarity with non-cooperating green scare prisoners and those on the run.

Every life counts,