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Video: Keaton Otis 21 Seconds - Shot 23 times by the police on May 12 2010

A short video clip [from a cell phone] that recorded the shooting of Keaton Otis in 2010.
Some info here, on how I helped Fred, (Keaton's father) make this video that was posted.
Keatons car (screenshot from corp media video)
Keatons car (screenshot from corp media video)

In this YouTube video file;
I added the subtitles that Keaton's father asked me to add, and the time-stamp-clock.

I did no other alteration to the (cell phone) video.
The file I used, was given to me by Fred, on a DVD in a .MOV format it was 15:07 in length
The DVD does have some other versions that are "enhanced" (for example zoom and audio level adjustment)
Those files were not used in the YouTube video, at this point I don't think they are public.
The youtube video (we) put out, is the first 21 seconds of the 15:07 minute cell phone video file.

I was asked to place subtitles on the video by Fred.
I also added the clock to the top of the video screen as a time reference.

When I asked what "description" should I put 'for the video' Fred said;
"This is the truth, this is what happened.
In these 21 seconds these are the last words a father heard from his son, who was abiding by the police orders"
~ Quote by Frederick Bryant - Keaton Otis Father ~

The Mercury has more information and the full 15 minute video on the link below.
 link to blogtown.portlandmercury.com

More information from the Skanner is here:
 link to www.theskanner.com

And a link to Portland Copwatch here:

Video from Vigil - Report Back on 4.12.12 19.Apr.2012 07:58

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

Keaton Otis Vigil 4.12.12 ((( i ))) a video report back

first part: Fred and the corporate news - audio quality is low at some points in video

second part: Dave talking with folks at the vigil

 http://youtu.be/0RlRl79YGz0 (12 min video)

Published on Apr 18, 2012 by zebra334

Fred Bryant, Keaton's dad talks with a corporate news reporter at the monthly vigil at the same place where his son was shot 21 times by the police.

On 4/12/12 Fred tells the news reporter to "watch the video"