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Richard's Birthday Celebration

Meet at Colonel Sumner's Park at 5pm, Monday April 9th
Rally against police brutality, and in celebration of Radical Richard's birthday.
wear black
For Radical Richard's birthday, he wants to celebrate with his friend's in the park and rally against police brutality. With the recent reinstatement of officer Frashour, we all have reason to be outraged by the police. Starting at 5 there will be a rally, with a speech from Richard. There will prehaps be a small demo afterwards.

hAppy b dAy 11.Apr.2012 14:19


from what i hear
police showed up to the b. party in the park in big numbers
5 x the amount of birthday guests

special birthday surprise:
riot cops, battle ponies, bike cops invite themselves to richards birthday
wonder what that jack-booted-move cost the city taxpayers?

hAppy birthdAy richard!