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19 Animal Rights Stories Around The World

UK, India, Australia, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Brazil, Bulgaria, US, Canada etc
United Nations: The WTO which forced the EU to accept female hormone laced US animal flesh is now overruling US legislation which requires
country of origin labeling of animal flesh. Consumers according to the
WTO are not entitled to know which meats have pink slime, hormones,
lethal insecticides, possible BSE engendering animal parts fed to other
animals etc. In addition, the WTO has ruled against labeling of dolphin-free tuna. Millions of dolphins a year are killed in tuna fish nets.
(Public Citizen was founded by Ralph Nader)

Spain: Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy and another brutal
Nobel laureate, Mario Vargas Llosa, work to bring bullfighting back to Catalonia. (Associated Press 3/22/12)
India: Central Warehousing Corp. of India is killing rats and mice in airlines testing.

UK: Snitch involved in arrest of animal rights investigator

UK: Pig abuser whose employees beat pigs in the face with rods (video documented) was found dead in his home
Kenya: Continued habitat destruction for
elephants results in invasive tagging
Canada continues to subsidize bear as well as seal murder while celebrities Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez
wear the bloodied skins of dead animals
Bulgaria: Work to prevent killing of strays
African countries allowing leopard hunting:
Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Australia: Veterinarians band together to ban live export of cows, sheep and other animals to other countries for
A British citizen describes his experience on a boat shipping sheep

Indonesia: powerful film about orangutan's death as massive deforestation continues

Zimbabwe; Hunting Legends International helped
The images show Eric and Donald Trump proudly showing off their animal victims, which included a leopard, elephant, crocodile, water buffalo, civet, kudu and other species. The photos were snapped two years ago.

Brazillian Ranchers covertly using Agent Orange in destruction of animal habitat
US: Michigan: Government is days away from murdering free range family farm
pigs as a way of cementing the concentration camps known as factory farms[/b]

US: Utah: has passed a law banning photography at factory farms... a sign
that those who love animals are winning[/b]
See also:
War continues to kill animals as well as people.
Mitt Romney picketed in Manhattan for abuse of dog
Governors of Texas, Kansas, and Iowa protest anti-meat news
(pink slime: mixture of blood, bone, and animal flesh)*

*National Enquirer adds promotion of fur to its deforetsing, warmongering, privacy invasion, and ridicule of those it considers too thin, too fat, or iperfect in any way.

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