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Rocky Anderson in town

Where do we go for Real Change
2012 Independent Presidential Candidate speaks
on Occupy, Corporate Corruption and the 2012
Election... Where do we go for real change?
Tuesday April 10th 2:30pm - 4:00pm, Doors at 2:00pm
Native American Student Community Center, Gathering Space, Room 110
Portland State University, 710 SW Jackson Street, Portland, OR 97201
Oregon Progressive Party Public Meeting
with Special Guest Rocky Anderson
Tuesday, March 10th 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Kafoury McDougal Law Offices, 320 SW Stark St. Ste. 202, Portland, OR
 link to www.facebook.com

Mr. Nader Rocks 10.Apr.2012 09:24

concerned citizen

Mr. Nader gave a great passionate debate against the war mongering machine that is financially and spiritually killing humanity in this country and around the world. Mr. Nader spoke on the high cost of endless wars and Empire expansion--vs-- a humanitarian super power that feeds the poor and builds schools, hospitals, and relationships that build bonds of national security-- Mr. Nader connects bombing and destruction of other countries which in turn creates for us a bigger threat to our own security at home. Mr Nader also advocated that the millions injured workers and Americans without health-care should be considered a national security threat along with the silencing of dissent against the industrial war complex.
Mr Nader gave war mongering Jamie Fly a verbal spanking when-- Fly praised the war machine and called the war in Iraq and adventure. Mr. Nader spoke very passionately about his concern for America and our current foreign policy needing a paradigm shift from destructive to constructive.He also encouraged Americans citizens to get off face book or the ipad and participate in civic responsibility beyond voting. We need more civic engagement and critical thought to dismantle the war machine to return America to the land of the free we the citizens must rise up and take action to break the corporate stranglehold of control on our government and our psyche. Thank you Mr. Nader for all your work over the decades fighting to protect the citizens of America and the world.
Mr. Nader your passionate talk gives me hope, makes me proud, and fuels my fire to get off the couch and take action to preserve what i love about this country. Mr. Nader thank you for your dedication, spirit, and tenacity to incite change for the good and to fuel the fire of dissent against the war driven corporate take over of America. Jamie Fly how do you sleep at night?