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9.11 investigation

The Toronto Hearings on 9/11: Uncovering Ten Years of Deception -- Trailer

Trailer for the new comprehensive DVD covering the Toronto Hearings on 9/11 from this past September, which brought together expert witnesses to present evidence contrary to the official story to a distinguished panel, who will draft a report based on the evidence submitted.

Pre-order your DVD here:
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looks like 1 missing comment here 04.Apr.2012 10:24


it still shows up on the 911 page

13:37 Apr-03 (1 comment)

but nothing here. wonder what it said...

. 04.Apr.2012 14:02


it was an unrelated (to the post) tr0ll comment - no worries

Gathering of 911 truthers ? 07.Apr.2012 01:33

Converse Murdoch

Go to the website:

The intentions of this truther party are suspicious. In the description of the event they use phrases like " witnesses will be guided by moderators. " and " the final written report will be edited..." and "...panel of distinguished citizens." and "donate" and "donate generously"

This event sounds staged, controlled, and fake. At face value it looks like some lawyer cooked up a scheme to cash in on the 911 truth movement.

dude it all fake 07.Apr.2012 20:22

just google

just google any member of the local so called 911 "truth" alliance group. the "truth" movement is full of con artists