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obama: Say one thing, do another

obama & holder continue to do what they said they would not do. That makes them liars, at best.
Today's message from the group, Demand Progress:



The Obama/Holder Justice Department is continuing its persecution of medical marijuana users. Today it raided the hub of the California medical marijuana movement, a center in Oakland that's called Oaksterdam University.

Here's a report from Jesse, a Demand Progress member and activist:

"I'm so sad. I'm almost speechless. All day on facebook and ustream I've been watching my close friends, who I hang out with all the time, being verbally and physically abused by federal police.

"The police arrested Rich, pushed Danielle, knocked over Steph, and hit Mischa with a car. All four are patients and activists. All this abuse and violence was paid for with my federal tax dollars."

Will you click here to tell them to back down?

 link to act.demandprogress.org

Oaksterdam was founded in 2007 and offers classes on the cultivation, health, and legal issues related to medical marijuana.

These attacks directly contradict repeated promises that Obama made during the 2008 campaign -- statements like, "I would not have the Justice Department prosecuting and raiding medical marijuana users. It's not a good use of our resources." (August 21, 2007, event in Nashua, New Hampshire)

in deed 03.Apr.2012 19:53


Fight hunger, fight poverty or fight medical marijuana users.