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Chase Bank Attacked In Woostock

During the final hour of April Fool's Day, a small group busted all of the front windows out of a Chase bank in the Woodstock area. We want to make it clear we do not glamorize or romanticize our actions over anyone else's actions. Nevertheless, we encourage other people to make visible the conflict with capitalism in whatever manner they see fit. Manifesting a clear conflict that is not constrained to legal methods is important and necessary for not letting the anti-capitalist sentiment subside in Portland. We applaud all of the actions that have happened against banks, especially the actions prior to February 29.

We send our greetings to the comrades in the SF Commune, our comrades in Barcelona, and every one who is stuck in prison.



Another bank hit up North.. 02.Apr.2012 22:19


Another bank in Seattle got smashed up as well.

"The Ravenna branch of the eco-insidiuous Umpqua Bank lost sleep last night when rocks shattered their large external windows. This action stands in solidarity with non-cooperating green scare and anarchist prisoners. As we know, it's easy to attack.

For wrath, for ruin,



more symbolic broken glass 03.Apr.2012 03:58


I don't give a fuck banks losing their windows, but wouldn't more appropriate actions in solidarity with events in San Francisco and Spain be to take over an abandoned property and turn it into a social center or organize a general strike?