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Fire Frashour Campaign Pissed but Not Surprised.

Portland, Oregon - Today the Fire Frashour Campaign released a statement concerning the reinstatement of Portland Police Officer Ronald Frashour. In 2010, Fire Frashour waged a community campaign to get Office Frashour removed from the Portland Police force, to strike the arbitration clause from the Portland Police Association's contract, and to keep the negotiations between the city and PPA open to the public. Below is their statement:

On Friday, we learned that Ronald Frashour, the Portland police sniper who murdered Aaron Campbell in 2010 is being reinstated. While we are disgusted and appalled at this news, we are not surprised.

The Fire Frashour campaign predicted when he was fired that he would return.

Frashour follows a long line of killer cops who murdered and got away with it. During the last 15 years, no Portland police officer has lost his job for killing someone.

There is plenty of blame to go around. The District Attorney is guilty because he didn't secure an indictment, despite the fact that Frashour shot and killed an unarmed man who posed no threat and wasn't even suspected of a crime. The Portland Police Association is guilty, because they defend abusive cops no matter what the circumstances. The City Council is guilty, because they approved a new police contract continuing the arbitration clause that guarantees that killer cops will return to the force.

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Pictures from Rally: Protests as Portland police officer Ronald Frashour reinstated
Fire Frashour
Fire Frashour
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