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Incredibly disturbing rape of young girl that has not received enough media attention

Happened last year but I just heard about it. Felt it had to be posted here.
This got token mentions in some major media outlets but the story quickly died. If there was a story that deserved to be kept alive and become a national sensation it's this. That a crime like this could happen is sickening and disgusting.

 link to abcnews.go.com

Equally as disturbing is the reaction of people supporting the degenerates who committed the crime:

 link to www.myfoxdfw.com

More you know worse it gets 02.Apr.2012 11:20


I remember hearing about this but it disappeared as a story quickly. The men involved actually took pictures on cellphones and posted them online, made it pretty easy for police to identify them. Clearly these guys can't be mental giants. Friends and family of the perps are closing ranks and making excuses. Sickening, there's always enablers and excusers for rapists.

This is a racist post - doesn't belong here 02.Apr.2012 14:54


This information came from corporate media and can't be trusted. angeredandoutraged is just trying to perpetuate fear of African-American men. It's possible the entire thing was fabricated by a white cop in Texas where they murder imprisoned innocent African-American men (How many did Bush murder?).

Kendra, 02.Apr.2012 15:15


the girl is Hispanic and 11 years old. The perpetrators - 14 of whom are adults - took pictures. It wouldn't even matter if she said yes. She's ELEVEN. When perpetrators take pictures of their crime against a child, and you insist on thinking it's a set up to get the perpetrators, then your fear of racism is blinding you to SEXISM and CHILD ABUSE. You are part of the problem of getting justice for this female CHILD. And I consider that shameful. Take the blinders off. Sometimes people who are socially oppressed are terrible perpetrators against those who have even less power than they do. That's why almost every human on the planet abuses and oppresses animals (what's on your plate?), no matter how oppressed they are themselves.

right 03.Apr.2012 16:21


We get it Kendra. Any crime that is committed by a minority MUST be a huge conspiracy by white authorities.

Obama kills too 03.Apr.2012 17:14


Kendra, why are you reaching back to reference Bush? Obama's policies are every bit as lethal as Bush's. Are you suggesting race is more important than a woman's right not to be raped? Making any excuse for these rapist scumbags is inexcusable. Coming from a woman (assuming you really are a woman) you're bro's before who's philosophy is pretty wierd.