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It is a plan concocted in the 60's and is all about surveillance. This piece is not for the faint of heart. Every move we make can be tracked with smart meters. Get them removed from your house. Pay the price, it is worth it.
Welcome to the world of "why smart meters" All docs/links are provided so you dont have to 'take my word for it' as always, do your own research, that would take time, the email explains all that you need to know.

 link to www.wired.com

Pragraph 4:
"Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing," Petraeus said, "the latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing."

Above is the link where this paragraph comes from. Special attention should be paid to this in order to understand aspects of the plan that are laid out.... right in front of us.... by those that wish to see it succeed.

You must all understand, this is not a 'project' that just sprung up, but really a long and laid out plan back to the star wars days of reagan (for you old timers.... or mature people) if not well before

First thing to understand "items of interest" THIS IS YOU and YOUR KIDS.... by installing microwave transmission devices on ALL houses ALL things can be monitored by their electrical signal (which you have unless you are dead) Think a fish finder... for your house you walk through (or sit in this field and you can be tracked and all that info can be pulled from your house, including every single word you speak and how much you breath in a given day.

 link to www.wired.com


Now, "located, monitored and controlled" Yes this means YOU as your electrical pulses can be monitored changed and controlled AT ANY TIME.
You can scoff at this, fine with me, do your research and you will know and find this. This is not new and has been going on since AT LEAST the late 60's


The key to making meters 'mandatory' is so that no one will be outside of this system or what is referred to later as 'the cloud' and if not the meters ALL else (cell phones, 4G bla bla bla) will do the trick.

ALL that is in the cloud can be monitored via signal (notice the chip on your bank card and if you didnt know they are also in your clothes)

 link to www.silicon.com
wherever that goes, you are and can be known.

Also GPS (Global Positioning System as you know it) is really GTS Global Targeting System. You got a phone, a chip, a credit card or wear clothes?

Note also they are ALREADY putting chips in people, pets, and monitoring kids with chips on their clothes, (they will always start with prisoners and pets then they move to 'protect and keep kids safe' then it is full blown)
 link to polidics.com

Now anyones location can be triangulated and that person can be 'dealt with' in a manner deemed appropriate by authorities, or in this case military applications.

It is widely known that any function of the body is electrical outputs and can be monitored or changed, including mood etc. to cause aggressive/ passive..... you name it behaviour.... in anyone. In a crowd situation this can be used to make whatever the guys on the switch want to happen

Now, energy harvesting, the point of this is to get you to pay for the electricity, then that enters your house to power all the appliances that will be sending signals 24/7..... well guess what.... these can be converted back into electricity..... and guess where that will go?.... back into the grid.... either to be resold or funneled somewhere.


Then take a wild guess as to where that would go and what would require so much electricity and power?

You got it! a Quantum, or multiple Quantum Computers (already being built) likely the one in kamloops also (speculating on that the one in denver is exactly this:
 link to blog.alexanderhiggins.com
3d printing:
 link to www.forbes.com

Now understand another thing, smart meters will be used to power down your 60Hz devices to 50 Hz, then guess what?

It is registered that you will have used the power...... but you didnt.... and then you pay for it while it goes back to the grid!

And guess who gets that power back to resell that you paid for?

The IPP's (independant power producers)

Now if you are putting this together you are saying "wont doing this blow my appliances" Yes, and that is exactly what you see happening isnt it? (more blown appliances... specifically not 'smart appliances' means more money also to appliance makers)

Then you are saying "wont this cause fires" yes and that is exactly what you see happening isnt it? (overdraw devices that are not on own circuit) cause big problems specifically to 14 gaug 12 gauge wires and neutrals) ((Most house wires)) and if not still all wires are compromised

Then the IPP's can get 1/6th of the power back to do what they want with it.

Also be aware that IPP's DO NOT have to sell the power they make in BC to BC residents and also tha BC hydro IS NOT ALLOWED to produce its own power and ONLY PRIVATE INDUSTRY CAN DO THIS.

Hydro's jobs is to build infrastructure and assume risk (privatize profits publicize losses)

Now getting back to this, you may be saying to yourself 'but wont this make my bills go up'

and of course yes this is exactly what you see happening isnt it?

And this will all depend on the wiring you have (why some peoples go up and others dont) you're grounding of wire, when your place was wired, overdraw devices and the capability of your wiring to handle it, (the incapability causing heat and fires and this is about %99 of ALL HOMES)

Now you may be saying "so what you are saying is we are collateral damage so a bunch of jerks can make money off of us, spy on us, put us at risk of fire, control our bodies and moods, create astronomical bills while at the same time void my insurance, make me buy smart appliances (when all my appliances blow) expose me to RF that will hurt me so they can resell and harvest energy to sell over and over"

Then I say, yes this is exactly what is happening. And what is the CULPRIT the 'smart meter' and smart grid

So who exactly is this smart for?

Now you have caged your meter and you dont want one?

Still in the cloud, still have to buy smart appliances, still able to be spied on etc.

Now also realize the next phase of this....

Generating 10's of 1000's of Gigawatts at the expense of our environment (and our money) so all these guys can do this TO YOU AND YOUR FUTURE?

This is what you support every time you use your IPHONE, smart phone and all this stuff. All because you can't live without microwaving your brain for profits of Big Pharma, and all else above.

You funnel money right into their pocket so they can do this to you (I am passed the point of explaining to people who "they" is)

So I guess in the end what I am saying, if this doesn't 'get you going' I doubt anything will.....ever.


I guess the future of humanity rests in people not needing to facebook while they are driving or watch the game on their phone in the washroom

Or maybe perhaps in getting off the couch to stop the above, perhaps they will do when their house is on fire or they are out of money to buy another 100 inch TV?

Perhaps we will do more when our money rights freedom and health is gone, sadly this is the time when our odds of success are at their lowest, fortunately none of this needs to happen and all that is required is you to stop it.

Brian Thiesen
Interior Smart Meter Awareness
Kamloops Chapter
Our Website:
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