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Come join War Resisters League - Portland on Sunday, April 15, as they celebrate the redirection of tax monies that would have been directed towards war.
Sunday, April 15
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
First Unitarian Church, Buchan Room, 1131 S.W. 13th Avenue, downtown Portland
Free! (Donations gratefully accepted.)

OCCUPY WAR FUNDING: Redirecting our Common Wealth for our Common Needs

Come celebrate the redirection of local tax monies that would have been directed towards military funding.

The keynote speaker will be Sharif Abdullah, attorney, university professor, consultant, speaker, innovator and writer. Sharif Abdullah is the author of THE POWER OF ONE: AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP IN TROUBLING TIMES and CREATING A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR ALL. He is also the founder of the Commonway Institute.

Local organizations that will be honored with redirected tax monies include: Right 2 Dream Too, The Children's Clinic and Military & Draft Counseling Project - War Resisters League.

Sponsored by: Portland War Resisters League and The Economic Justice Group of First Unitarian Church

Endorsed by: Occupy Portland, Veterans for Peace - Chapter 72, Little Light of Mine Friends Worship Group and Recruiter Watch PDX.