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Come to a town hall for mayoral candidate Scott Fernandez

Town Hall for Scott Fernandez this Saturday, March 31 at St. Johns Community Center
Come meet the candidate who has been taking on city hall and the water bureau for ten years to keep our pure Bull Run water safe from corporate control. Scott Fernandez has been on the front lines of the water wars for many years and is now also taking on the proposal by Nestle to bottle water from the Gorge. He supports saving more lives at Multnomah County Animal Services, police accountability and keeping our parks and schools open. Find out more and join a lively discussion about how to make Portland the kind of city we know it can be.

Town Hall for Scott Fernandez, candidate for Portland mayor
Saturday, March 31
10am to noon
St. Johns Community Center
8427 N. Central, St. Johns

homepage: homepage: http://www.scottfernandezformayor.com/

been waiting 30.Mar.2012 18:10

not an incumbent

off hand the topics sound good to me