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Young Mobile Users Risk Mental Illness

Both cell phone use and heavy computer use can result in mental illness for those under 20. That should be a no brainer.
Young mobile users risk mental illness
Young people who use computers and mobile phones intensively at greater risk of suffering from insomnia, stress and mental illness, according to a new study. (AFP / Frederic J.Brown)

To constantly be connected and always available is a reality for many young people. Intensive use of cell phones and computers is a serious health risk, according to a new Swedish study.

Communications technology has been rapid and many young people have a strong need to always have contact with friends and keep updated in the news on the internet. But there is a high price as young heavy users of computers and mobile phones pay as insomnia, stress and mental illness.

The student Sara Thomée, along with colleagues at the Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University, in four different studies have examined how the mental health consequences of young people who use computers and mobile.

The basis of the survey included the responses from 4100 young people aged 20-24 years and interviews with 32 young heavy users of computers and mobiles.

The results show a clear link between stress, sleep disorders, mental illness and intensive use of cell phones and computers.

- We have explored the effects both quantitatively and qualitatively, and followed up on people a year later. The conclusion is that the intensive use of ICT can have effects on mental health, says Sara Thomée in a statement.

In both men and women there was increased sleep problems and depressive symptoms in frequent mobile use.

- The persons who are experiencing mobile phone's constant availability as stressful are those which highest reporting on mental illness, says Sara Thomée.

Many young people often sit up at night at the computer without taking breaks.

- To frequently use the computer late at night is not only associated with sleep disorders, but also with stress and mental ill health in both men and women, says Sara Thomée.

Thomée calls for preventive public health measures that should also include advice and information to young people on how to use communications technology in a healthy manner.

- They include the need to take breaks, to allow time for recovery with intensive use and to set limits on the availability, says Sara Thomée.

Mona Nilsson, journalist and author who for many years covered the dangers of cell phones and electromagnetic radiation, is not surprised by the results of the study but worried for the young as she feels they are misled by the authorities and industry about the risks:

- It is known since decades, high exposure to electromagnetic fields and cell phone radiation is a strong stressor and that the radiation causes sleep problems and depressive syntom. This is because the radiation affects neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain and affects the function of the central nervous system, says Mona Nilsson The Epoch Times.

Mona Nilsson is of the opinion that schools should take responsibility and stop the use of mobile phones and computers during school hours.

- It's time you go out and recommend that children and teenagers should use the phone only for emergency calls and text messages, and that the massive introduction of laptops and wifi in schools is stopped. We already have too many young people who suffers from psychological problems and the long-term consequences can be very serious if we do not begin to tell the truth about the risks of the wireless technology, says Mona Nilsson.




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All ages are at risk 28.Mar.2012 23:04


If you think cell phones are safe, now that éveryone´has one, think again.
I see these symptoms in all ages of people who use them.
You can not do a study on the risks of cell phones without threats of law suits by the cell phone comapnies themselves. infact, no study has been complted for years in this country, and the last independent one found that safe use is five minutes.

That´s five minutes a year.

I´d love for anyone here to tell me why they consider them safe.
I can feel a hot spot on my head, once for 24 hours, after using a cell phone for 20 minutes. I have only used cell phones six times and I do not use them anymore. I have never owned one.

If you buy a cell phone, you also buy the slave labor used to make it and the rape that hundreds of men do to hundreds of owmen in the Congo who live in villages where they want to mine. You can not tell me you support human rights, or are an {activist{ if you own a cell phone.

They are making human beings sick and killing the bee population.

But none of this matters, right?, becuase you looove your cell phone.

want to read more 29.Mar.2012 13:57


Does anyone have any links to some peer-reviewed studies showing details about the risks of cell phone use, or having to do with proximity to cell phone towers, etc?

I am wondering if a rigorous study has been done yet and published. Or if any are in the works.

Also if anyone has any reports of cell phone companies suing or threatening lawsuits over such studies i'd like to take a look at those as well. Thanks!

dm? 20.Jun.2012 17:28

same one

is this the same dm responsible for sucking tax dollars from portland public schools to the tune of $172,000?