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Picket Home Forward on Thursday, 3/29

Portland Solidarity Network's campaign for Gary and Julie Frost - 'Home Forward is Home Backward' is putting out the call for another picket outside Home Forward's offices at 135 SW Ash Street, tomorrow, Thursday March 29th at 12 noon.
At 12 noon tomorrow, Thursday March 29th, members of the Portland Solidarity Network's campaign, 'Home Forward is Home Backward', will be having another picket outside the offices of Home Forward at 135 SW Ash Street, and all are encouraged to attend and show their support. This picket is one in a series of actions on behalf of Gary and Julie Frost, residents of the Humboldt Gardens, a Home Forward property, who were given a 90 day eviction notice in retaliation for their activities in support of the disabled and other residents of Home Forward properties. The campaign is putting out the call for any and all supporters and interested individuals and groups to come out and help chant, pass out flyers, and generally make it clear that the community will show support when individuals are in danger of being unjustly thrown out on the street. The Portland Solidarity Network will continue to confront Home Forward in any and all appropriate ways until the eviction notice is rescinded and the Frosts are allowed to stay in their apartment and/or until other suitable housing can be provided. So please come on out and act in solidarity with the disabled and other victims of entities like Home Forward!

Feel free to send us an e-mail at  portlandsolidaritynetwork@gmail.com if you have any further questions about the campaign or about the specifics of Gary and Julie's situation, and don't hesitate to call us at (503) 446-6065 or to check out our website at www.homeforwardishomebackward.org for more information

homepage: homepage: http://www.homeforwardishomebackward.org
phone: phone: (503) 446-6065

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