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Video: Local Coalition Protests Decision Regarding Public's Water.

At a press conference today, Bark and Food and Water Watch, members of the Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge Coalition, announced that they are appealing the Oregon Water Resources Department's (OWRD) approval of permit applications that move Nestle' one key step closer to bottling Oregon's water.
Press Conference: Coalition Protests Decision Transferring Public Water to Nestle Waters North America
From press conference statement:

These two permits must be approved by OWRD before a water exchange application can be considered that would lead to a giveaway of Oregon's public water resources for Nestle's profit.

In February the OWRD approved the permits that cleared the way for Nestle' to secure the spring water that it wants to bottle and sell. The spring is on state property and is currently being used by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) for a hatchery for threatened salmon. In order for Nestle' to bottle spring water in Cascade Locks, OWRD must ultimately approve a third application that would allow ODFW to exchange water with the town of Cascade Locks so the town can in turn, sell the spring water to Nestle'. "It is the State's job to safeguard Oregon's public resources, especially our precious water for the benefit of all Oregonians, not multinational corporations. Allowing the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to move forward with this water rights exchange would permit a state-owned resource to be used for a private business model that is unsustainable," said Jackie Dingfelder, Oregon State Senator for District 23.

"AT a time when local governments in Oregon are discouraging wasteful plastic bottles, why are our state agencies encouraging Nestle/ to develop a plant that could produce over 200 million plastic bottles every hear? We should know better," said Barbara Willer, former Multnomah County Commissioner.

The coalition has been calling on Governor Kitzhaber to stop the controversial water exchange by advising ODFW to pull out if the water exchange process. Kitzhaber has heard from over 10,000 Oregonians urging him to stop the exchange and his Natural Resources Department staff has met with the coalition to get the facts on this controversial issue.
Additionally, the governor has received Ecotrust's economic study that outlines why extractive industries like water bottling are not the best path forward for economic development in Oregon.

The Keep Nestle' Out of the Gorge Coalition includes Food and Water Watch, Oregon AFSCME, Bark, Oregon Mission Centres of the Sisters of the Holy Name, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Environment Oregon, Alliance for Democracy and Sierra Club.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org

Photo of the Spring at Oxbow Hatchery 28.Mar.2012 08:35

Jim Lockhart videoactivepdx@gmail.com

Photos from a Bark hike to the proposed Nestle' site and the Oxbow Hatchery, currently being used by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for threatened salmon.
Proposed location of Nestle' on Columbia Gorge near Cascade Locks
Proposed location of Nestle' on Columbia Gorge near Cascade Locks
The spring Nestle wants to bottle for profit
The spring Nestle wants to bottle for profit
Another photo of the spring with hikers
Another photo of the spring with hikers

Water is a Human Right not a Corporate Commodity 28.Mar.2012 14:44

salmon ruseski

Why would I want to buy our water back from Nestle at double the cost. I believe water is needed for all life on this planet, and water should not be controlled by corporations that are required to serve the stock holders and not my community. Corporations are not people, and they do not drink water, but they will exploit public resources to their benefit, and leave us all sucking on stones, if we can not afford it. We need to send a strong message to Nestle that the people's water can not be owned by a private blood sucking company. Public jobs build strong communities and the water is a gift from the planet, and not corporate property. The water belongs to the river which belongs to the salmon and all other water drinkers. Nestle will plasticize and com modify nature's gift. The water belongs to the earth and all life on it. Water drinkers Unite! to kick Nestle's butt out of town, and any other corporate entity attempting to steal the people's water.



Town hall this Saturday If you are mad as hell about your water bills, and if water is an important issue for you and your family please attend this important meeting at St. John's Community Center(8427 n. central, st.johns) THIS SATURDAY MARCH 31, 2012 -- 10:00am til 12:00.

Now is the time for the Public to rally to protect our Watersheds and Public commons from global corporate rape and pillage. Please attend this important event.

Only one mayoral candidate is tackling this issue 28.Mar.2012 17:41


The top 3 mayoral candidates are not focused on this issue. Only mayoral candidate Scott Fernandez has been tackling city hall and the water bureau for ten years to save our pure Bull Run water and keep it from being privatized. If you follow the money, this issue of the water will lead you all the way back to the banks and Wall Street. This is a vital concern for our region and an important rallying cry for Occupy Portland. Come to the Town Hall this Saturday at the St. Johns Community Center from 10 am to noon and find out what you are not hearing in the corporate media about threats from Nestle and from a corporate takeover of our Bull Run water system.

St. John's Community Center 8427 N. Central, St. John

Stop the corporate takeover of Portland's water 28.Mar.2012 18:21


Find out about the corporate takeover of Portland's water here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs31wBub4H4&feature=player_embedded#!

More info about the townhall is posted on facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/330719450309190/

Town Hall for Mayoral Candidate Scott Fernandez
Saturday March 31
10am to noon
St. John's Community Center
8427 N. Central, St. Johns

Public Access Interview with Scott Fernandez 28.Mar.2012 22:10

Jim Lockhart videoactivepdx@gmail.com

Interview with mayoral candidate Scott Fernandez on the Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," from February of this year.

Scott speaks at length about the state of Portland's water supply, ongoing efforts to cover the open reservoirs and mix water from Bull Run with water from the Willamette River.