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Video: Free The Horses

The Portland police are continuing to use animals (horses) for tools in crowd control.
This is video footage from just one (1) incident in 2010 where these animals, are rammed into citizens protesting on a public sidewalk. The ramming of protesters with peaceful loving horses, is done until its realized (as seen in the video) that this abusive tactic is doing no good what so ever. This is repeated year after year.
Retire The Ambassadors - Free The Horses
Retire The Ambassadors - Free The Horses
Retire the Police Horses.

Free the Horses - Retire the police horses from crowd control - 2010
(3 min video)

The police say that using the horse patrol is calming in a protest situation. Every time I see the horses "used" on the people of Portland, it is not calming at all. In fact it almost ramps things up into violent riot conditions.

Using a peaceful animal for their abusive treatment of peaceful demonstrators is twisted and abusive. Free the Horses, retire the horses.

As you watch this (sic)calming video of the Portland (sic)Ambassadors, remember this is only one of many cases that is just like this one. The crowd is incited into rage almost every-time this happens. When is it going to stop?

If only they knew - I bet they wouldnt like it 27.Mar.2012 17:57

joe anybody

> as the 'horses' stood on the *pavement by the park blocks, children gathered around, I took a picture at the last second

> everyone's eyes are wide open, all looking at the horse-ie

> "can we pet the pony?" they ask

> adults smile as they watch their children touch the beautiful big animals, in fact everyone is smiling

> what none of these people (adults & kids) know is - what you see in the posted video

> as everyone hovers around the horses in glee, nobody knows or can imagine what these very horses are made to do

> no one taking a picture of the horses, realize or knows, what these horses have to go through, and how abusive the situations

> ramp up in crowd control situations, which these peaceful horses are thrust into

> no one gathering around, knows that the beautiful animals are put into the center of protests, used as a wedge, and a weapon

> used as a tool, as means to push against people and be pushed back upon (or hit, or slapped as cases have proving)

> no one here, ogling at the officer & horse, realize or know how "out of control" conditions happen with these very horses

> they are petting and loving

> they would be shocked to know these same horses that they along with their children are petting, go charging into citizens,

> at the command of the friendly smiling officer sitting up on top

> if they only knew, they certainly would hide that fact from the children, if they only knew, they may feel somewhat sickened,

> and I bet none of them would like it!

moreover 04.Apr.2012 07:40


New York police are often more aggressive. Look at 5:00-6:00 here, or the entire clip

Retire the Hourses - Lone Vet at City Council on 5/9/12 09.May.2012 07:55

Ben Waiting

May 9 2010 - Please join the Lone Vet with speaking to the city council to "retire the police horses"

Portland City Council Meeting (public comment 3 min limit) 9:00 am Wednesday