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Reportback from the “End the Camping Ban” Rally and March

[...] Returning to the streets on March 25th though it came ready with its own reinforced banners, militant tactics and folks blocked up chanting things [...] The crowd of Occupiers who I'd seen only a few weeks previously so passionately protesting Anarchist Co-option and Militant Street tactics were now they themselves sympathetic, if not ardent participants. But there were those nostalgic elements of Occupy that don't always fit in with the Anarchist praxis that were successful and shouldn't be overlooked: older folks with their kids whom coordinated the march from the sidewalk, aesthetically welcoming signs to those with bourgeois mentalities and creative puppets or costumes which make the pigs think twice before breaking a march and 99% - 1% rhetoric.

I don't think it's useful to argue against Occupiers. They are stubbornly Liberal until we show by example, how we ought to March and act. Until they feel Police oppression, they won't become radical. Until they see firsthand the corruption of elected representatives they won't become radical. But I suspect they are coming around and this action is testament to the positive role radicals can play in escalating tactics and ideology within the movement.

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