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Video: Workers Rights Hearing JWJ - 2.23.12 Vancouver Hilton Workers and Community

The Hilton Hotel Workers had a "Workers Rights" Hearing in the Vancouver Library - this is the film from the event organized by Jobs With justice.

The Workers Rights Board, was held on 2.23.12, and the room was full of concerned community members. Workers from the hotel tell of their unjust contract, and the greedy push back by management. Hear from the hotel workers how management works hard to push back against the workers struggle for fair wages, food to eat, their homes and health.

The City of Vancouver, through their organization the Downtown Redevelopment Agency, owns the Vancouver Hilton. For six years, the workers at the Vancouver Hilton have been in struggle. This is a struggle of becoming union, staying union, and fighting for respect and the ability to rise out of poverty wages - making good jobs for all in the service industry.

Workers' Rights Board:  http://www.jwjpdx.org/workers-rights-board
Video from the hearing:  http://youtu.be/KgtHDnqMPVM
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