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Park Slope Food Co-Op sparks debate around Israeli products

Where does your co-op stand on Israeli products?

I would like to know where all the co-ops in Oregon stand on this issue.
---From Democracy now on Monday March 26th, 2012---

The Park Slope Food Coop, one of the oldest and largest in the country, is set to vote Tuesday on whether to hold a referendum on boycotting goods from Israel to protest the Israeli government's policies toward Palestinians. We host a debate on the international advocacy effort called the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, or BDS for short, which is inspired by the international boycott movement against apartheid South Africa. "We believe this campaign is for the sake of both Palestinians and the Israelis, because it would help us liberate ourselves from the last segregation and occupation system in the world. And it would help liberate the Israelis from the last colonial settler system in modern history," says Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the Palestinian Parliament who supports the BDS movement. "The result of the way BDS is framed, on almost everyone I have talked to who feels attracted to it, is that the society, as well as the government, of Israel is wrong, and it must be attacked," counters Rabbi Arthur Waskow, who is opposed to BDS. He is the founder and director of the Shalom Center in Philadelphia. "That, even using methods that are not outright violence, is not a nonviolent approach." We also discuss the case of Hana Shalabi, the Palestinian hunger striker protesting the Israeli policy of administrative detention. She has been on hunger strike for 39 days. This past weekend, an Israeli military court rejected her appeal. [includes rush transcript]


Heck, why only boycott Israeli products? 27.Mar.2012 00:30


Why not boycott US products for numerous unnecessary wars and collateral loss of life in recent years? Why? I don't see Israel as worse than the US or most other places, honestly. In fact, I think we're much worse.

A co-op by co-op decision (based on demographics) 27.Mar.2012 05:24

Mike Novack

No, not exactly the same as the boycott against South Afrika. In that case the co-ops didn't have to worry about how many Afrikaner members and customers they would lose and whether or not they could survive without them. Here it isn't just a matter of whether there would be a majority in favor of the boycott but whether the minority of "Zionists" is too large a fraction of the co-op's membership and cutomer base that the co-op would collapse without them. Possibly there are places where there are enough people currently not joining or shopping there because of Israeli products to make up the difference. But I think such places few and far between.

What is the demographics of THIS co-op?

Why Israeli Boycotts are called for 27.Mar.2012 07:52


Like it or not, for some people the issue is not Israel but Jews. There's definitely an underlying Antisemitism among many. Also, why do so often Co-Ops have to be the tool used to demonstrate their cause - they only suffer, leave them alone.

They Are Not Going To Boycott 27.Mar.2012 22:41


Even Jews must be sick of Israel by now. It is not a democracy, and it's not even about them. It's just about the Military/Globalist Complex, oil, and persecuting Arabs on the side. The tiny place is no bigger, in terms of population, than Manhattan. You have to be a religious nut to worry about the Holy Sand in that dessert. The religion of the people there shouldn't matter to us anyway since if they were, say, Baptists with the same ruling elite, nothing would be much different there.

They can't grow enough food, at least for long, for this overpopulated soon-to-be dessert anyway, since the water is almost used up. So selling food abroad is absurd. This is all a giant public relations operation that will cost Americans at least 30 billion in ten years (really many times more) this decade. Vastly more than any other nation! Bloggers will also use up a vast amount of bandwidth arguing about something that is not even what it appears to be, except for a few religious fanatics. Enough of this Kabuki!

Also, Amy Goodman and her "Democracy Now" supported the Libyan fiasco, so now the Libyans must go without free medical care and education.

The "Kony 2012" "Invisible Children" PR is is another MIC snow job, indoctrinating schoolchildren to support the invasion of Africa.

They have us running in circles! Why not demand abolition of voting and election machines? No time left for that?

You have it backwards 28.Mar.2012 05:58

Mike Novack

"Diggie", your analysis of what it is all about might possibly be used to explain why the "rulers" back one side or the other in tribal conflicts. But it is irrelevant from the point of view of the partisans of the tribes on either side. THEY are there because of how they perceive the interests of their tribe.