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Reportback from the “End the Camping Ban” Rally and March

See the full report here:  http://autonomousworkers.wordpress.com/
First, A quick run-down in the "tactical" developments within Occupy. Certainly the post - eviction period of Occupy changed the political climate towards a more radical perception of the Police as fundamentally agents against the Working Class in the interests of the so called "1%". The Shutdown of the Ports and a few Solidarity marches with Oakland organized by the "Hella 503 Collective" - an amalgamation of anti - capitalist, anti - authoritarian and just plain Occupy activists dedicated to an escalation of tactics - changed the game as far as tactics go towards more radical messaging and defense in street demos. At previous mass marches by Occupy Portland, particularly N.17 and a Solidarity march with Tahrir Square there had been heavy accounts of Police Brutality preying on amateur or weak protesters. So when the F. 29 national call to action organized by the "Portland Action Lab" - an organizing arm of Occupy Portland - came around, the Hella 503 collective was enlisted to provide defense for the march. We built reinforced banners to prevent "snatch and grabs" and crash through police lines and well, it worked. About 30 people blocked up at the front of the March caring banners rolled through police lines and defended protesters.

Occupy for the most part took a little break after F.29. Returning to the streets on March 25th though it came ready with its own reinforced banners, militant tactics and folks blocked up chanting things the Hella 503 collective injected into the crowd at previous demos, but most intensely at the F.29 march - "The System has DIED - HELLA HELLA OCCUPY", "A-ANTI-ANTI CAPITALISTA", "I Declare a Class War, ORGANIZE AND LIBERATE" "We are THE WORKING CLASS". With only about 100 -200 folks it held its ground marching around downtown against Police calls to move to the sidewalk. The crowd of Occupiers who I'd seen only a few weeks previously so passionately protesting Anarchist Co-option and Militant Street tactics were now they themselves sympathetic, if not ardent participants. But there were those nostalgic elements of Occupy that don't always fit in with the Anarchist praxis that were successful and shouldn't be overlooked: older folks with their kids whom coordinated the march from the sidewalk, aesthetically welcoming signs to those with bourgeois mentalities and creative puppets or costumes which make the pigs think twice before breaking a march and 99% - 1% rhetoric.

I don't think it's useful to argue against Occupiers. They are stubbornly Liberal until we show by example, how we ought to March and act. Until they feel Police oppression, they won't become radical. Until they see firsthand the corruption of elected representatives they won't become radical. But I suspect they are coming around and this action is testament to the positive role radicals can play in escalating tactics and ideology within the movement.

homepage: homepage: http://autonomousworkers.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/reportback-from-the-end-the-camping-ban-rally-and-march/

I agree 26.Mar.2012 18:23


I agree. It was discouraging at first to see the reformist elements within occupy that certainly still exist. But I think it's coming around, and as anarchists we need to help push the the demonstrators to more radical actions. and in many ways like you said the only way that will happen is if they experience police oppression. Keep coming out my friends in black, revolution isn't easy and takes time to develop a real revolutionary mentality. But knock on wood we finally have an environment to make a revolution possible.

sum mor 27.Mar.2012 11:01

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a comment from the link that was attached

( quote: Hart Noecker says: March 27, 2012 at 2:12 am )
I've been to big marches with tame energy, and I've been to small marches with too much hostility. Today was by no means a large march, but the passion and drive was incredible. With no police to block streets it was up to us to safely and peacefully cork intersections, and we took care to make sure we disrupted motor traffic as little as possible. It was amazing to watch and take part in such a prime example of how the 99% can take the streets and maintain order while still making a statement that needs to be made about the immorality and inequity of this nation we live in. Props to everyone involved today, Occupy Portland did it better!

 link to autonomousworkers.wordpress.com

"us" vs "them" 30.Mar.2012 18:28


Autonomous Workers Group wrote:

>"I don't think it's useful to argue against Occupiers. They are stubbornly Liberal..."

An "us vs. them" mentality is what divides us. I'm in Occupy and will continue to be, no matter if some hostile splinter group calls us names.