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Solidarity for activist Carlos Montes as he goes to trial

Picketing will begin tomorrow morning outside Los Angeles County Superior Court as we prepare for the day's injustice. Carlos Montes is on the docket for a charge fabricated on the basis of a 42 year old misdemeanor. This is an excuse to disrupt his life by forcing him to go to trial. The lifetime of harassment suffered by Montes is how the United States rewards the struggle for peace and justice. Carlos will have his day in court tomorrow, on trumped up charges, simply because a faction of our Secret Police wants him shut up. Solidarity is mandatory. Show that you're human, love and don't surrender.
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Carlos Montes in court March 27, LA protest planned</h2>
see also  link to www.stopfbi.net
<p>Los Angeles, March 25 (<strong>FIGHTBACKNEWS</strong>) - Veteran Chicano leader Carlos Montes will be back in court March 27. The LA Committee to Stop FBI Repression urges activists to join them at the Superior Courts Building to picket and pack the court hearing. They will raise the demand, &ldquo;Drop the charges against Carlos Montes.&rdquo;</p>
<p>A statement from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression notes, &ldquo;Chicano leader and long-time anti-war activist Carlos Montes is the target of a FBI frame-up. The FBI and Los Angeles Sheriffs broke down Carlos&rsquo; door, ransacked his home and took his notes and papers, May 17, 2011. Carlos Montes refused to answer the FBI agent&rsquo;s questions. Carlos knew the raid was part of the FBI repression of 23 anti-war activists who organized the mass protests outside the 2008 Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Along with many others, Carlos Montes name appeared on the FBI search warrant for the Anti-War Committee office in Minneapolis on September 24, 2010.&rdquo;</p>
<p>The statement continues, &ldquo;Now Carlos Montes is facing six felony charges, because the FBI claims he is a felon in violation of firearm codes. The FBI claim stems from a 1969 student strike for Black, Chicano and Women&rsquo;s studies at East L.A. College, where police beat and arrested demonstrators. Carlos was arrested on his way home, accused of assaulting a sheriff&rsquo;s deputy (with an empty soda can). However, according to a recent court document, this charge was sentenced as a misdemeanor. The prosecution is basing its case on this 42-year-old misdemeanor, disguising it as a bogus felony. Without a past felony, all of the charges that Montes is now facing relating to his legally purchased firearms would be dismissed. Both sides agree that no prison time whatsoever was served in the 1969 incident. The legal process is being driven by something other than the facts of the case. It is political repression.&rdquo;</p>
<p>Eric Gardner of the LA Committee to Stop FBI Repression states &ldquo;It is important that people who care about justice and civil liberties join us at the court house March 27. The attempt to put Carlos Montes on trial is an attempt to put our right to dissent on trial.&rdquo;</p>
<p>A picket will begin at 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, March 27, outside the Los Angeles Superior Courts Building at 210 W. Temple Street. Supporters will pack the hearing afterwards.</p>
<p> link to www.fightbacknews.org
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