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VIDEO: Donna Wright Rally Was A Success

The rally we've all been waiting for has came and gone with a show out of over 50 people in Solidarity with former Fred Meyer worker Donna Wright of local labor Union UFCW 555.
Photo: Indymedia Press
Photo: Indymedia Press


The big rally that we've been talking about for weeks was a successful one hour rally in front of the Orchards Fred Meyer on 3/21. Friends Of Donna Wright spoke of issues with the Orchards FM and showed support for Donna in pouring rain and cold weather. Jobs With Justice showed out, and as I was unable to attend at the last minute, Joe Anybody covered this event with an independent lens and documented this workers struggle with her former employer. She hopes to hold future rallys there if no response is given from Fred Meyers.

VIDEO LINK:Donna Wright Solidarity Rally


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