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“Shoot First Ask Questions Later”

Law is Oregon
The Castle Laws must be recinded
The Castle Laws must be recinded
"Shoot First Ask Questions Later"

There are a number of States that have what most people call the "Castle Law" and Oregon is one of them. What happened to Trayvon Martin could and will happen here in Portland.

I was watching the MSM and they were reporting on the shooting of Trayvon Martin and I watched in horror as they put up a map of all the states that had the law that says you don't have to retreat if you feel threatened. You don't have to retreat even if you could, you can take action and kill whoever is threatening you. The problem here is that it is your word against the dead guy/woman. We hear calls for the arrest of George Zimmerman and I agree he should have been arrested on the site of the shooting and there should have been an investigation to collect evidence of what happened. But the conviction of Zimmerman is not going to be easy. We have seen time and again police officers walk away from what many of us see as murder. The governor in Oregon must call for a review of our castle law and modify or remove it from our state laws. We will suffer the same insanity if we don't act. I believe once again we are looking at the wrong issue. The Castle Laws are the problem and we must have a champion in our state government who will review our laws concerning deadly force. Safeguards must be put in for both the victim of the shooting and the person doing the act to insure that we have a reasonable standard when faced with the death of a human being.


(decision by Oregon's Supreme Court 2007)


When this story is off the front pages and we have moved on to the next story, will we have learned anything? Will Oregon demand we get rid of our Castle Law?

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sad 24.Mar.2012 12:36


Oregon's Castle law only applies to your legal residence. I don't see a problem with being able to defend yourself if someone is breaking into your home. That is not an issue of race. It is an issue of protecting yourself in your home.

The other part of the oregon castle doctrine prevents people from being able to sue you if they injure themselves while trespassing on your property. I also think this is a good thing.

What happened in Florida is quite different than this, as it took place outside of the property of the shooter as far as I can tell. That seems kind of weird to me, especially as the victim was not armed. I am having a hard time seeing how they can justify that, but Florida's law is strange. Nothing like that exists in Oregon as far as I know.

Stand Your Ground Law 24.Mar.2012 15:50

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Neither Oregon nor Washington has the "stand your ground" law, but we need to stay vigilant, & express loudly & continuously that we NEVER want that law in the PacNW.

yes 24.Mar.2012 18:07


I agree. After reading up on it more, it seems the "Stand your ground" law it the one that was being used as a defense in the Florida shooting, and that is really something I don't feel we need here.

Or anywhere or that matter.

LIBERALS STOP 24.Mar.2012 19:29


STOP fantasizing about taking away peoples right to self defence.
If you don't want to get shot then don't attack somebody with a gun and stay away from cops.

Clarification 25.Mar.2012 11:55

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Open Letter to State Attorney John Kroger

Mr. Attorney General:

Recently, all of us watched in horror as we were informed that a 17 year old was gunned down in Florida during the month of February. The reports so far seem to indicate that Trayvon Martin was returning from buying items at a store and was murdered by a man who was identified as a watch captain, George Zimmerman. We were horrified listening to the story and at the end of the broadcast a map of 21 states who had laws on their books that would allow this action to happen was put up and there was Oregon. I was stunned that this wonderful state would be one of the 21 that would allow this law.

The concept seems to be, Castle Laws and stemming from that the right to stand and respond with deadly force if one feels they are being attacked or fear for their life. So I did some research and found that here in Oregon there was a case in our Supreme Court called Sandoval . This case troubles me greatly because it sets up a scenario that one could shoot a person and say you feared for your life and the state would have to prove that statement wrong before charges could be brought, the very issue that people are so upset about the Trayvon Martin death.

This is the case I am referring to;

State of Oregon
Leonard Contreras Sandoval filed March 29, 2007


Do we have a way to protect a person's right of self-defense and make sure that the person who fires the gun is not allowed to use self-defense as a way to walk? Can what happened in Florida to Trayvon Martin happen here? Portland has lots of security guards who openly carry weapons with little training on the use of those weapons. Police officers who kill a citizen have often used the defense of "I was in fear of my life or the life of another." I am copying many people here because I believe we all have a duty to ensure this does not happen here in our state. I wish for a response to this letter in a way that a non-lawyer will understand what you are saying.


John Kitzhaber, Governor of Oregon

Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer (D)
Sen. Diane Rosenbaum (D)
Sen. Jeffery A. Merkley (D)

(Before I send this out, if you want to join me on this letter let me know and I will aid you name, I want to send this out by Tuesday 3/27/2012)
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This is what we do
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