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community building | corporate dominance [topic.selection2012.title]

occupy, anarchists, and everyone else left out of the bailouts - march 29-31 celebration!

anarcho-syndicalist union CNT has called for a general strike in spain for march 29th. not to be left out, the other major labor unions have also called their members and supporters out as well.the idea has gone viral throughout europe, and the spanish general strike has spawned a european day of action against capital, to be carried out on march 31.

we're all experiencing this together, so why not take part and make it a worldwide general strike and mobilization against capital?

and instead of trying to all gather in one place, why not gather in local parks? and instead of confronting the masses of police arrayed against us, why not talk with our neighbors, friends and allies? and why not check out more than one gathering? And why not carry banners through the neighborhoods, singing songs, chanting, and asking everyone we meet to join us?
European Action Day against capitalism M31

Days of global action against capitalism promoted by the AIT.

Support for the General Strike in Spain

We can do better

Current policies in the EU and in Europe as a whole are as speculative as capitalism has ever been. That's because austerity measures are jeopardising economic stability just as much as debt-inflated growth. There can never be salvation in capitalism, only endlessly recurring crises. So why continue wasting our lives for this? Let's fight neoliberal ideology, let's get organised on a European level. Our Day of Action on March 31st 2012 will be a first step. Simultaneous demonstrations in many European countries are more than just a signal of solidarity. They're already sparking transnational discussion and cooperation. We invite all emancipatory initiatives to join this process. We strive to grow independent of official institutions, and are prepared for a persistent struggle. The crisis may manifest in varying ways in different countries, but we all share a common goal: We don't want to save capitalism, we want to overcome it. We oppose nationalism. It is crucial to fight against the continued erosion of social standards, but we need to aim higher. We want to get rid of the fatal constraints of capitalism and its political institutions. That's the only way the widespread demand for "real democracy" can be fulfilled.

see more, from the european day of action against capitalism website.

see the original post, including video for march 31 action, from end times news
 link to endtimesnews.wordpress.com

boy howdy!! 21.Mar.2012 17:30

wanna play(ahem)?

Sure, a celebration is just what what is needed right now, Cap'n! A who's who of plenty of fish and real reasons to sing happy songs as you parade through jolly neighborhoods.

Apparently for you, End Times register as Happy Times! Sorry, reality for many does not trigger a chorus of Don't Worry, Be Happy. We now, like never before, need to stop singing and start swinging. But good luck with that....