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Portland Solidarity Network protest against unfair eviction

On Wednesday, March 21st at 12 noon, members of the community and the Portland Solidarity Network, with and on behalf of Gary and Julie Frost, will be holding another picket outside the Home Forward offices at 135 SW Ash Street.

The picket is part of the Solidarity Network's current campaign, Home Forward is Home Backward ( http://www.HomeForwardisHomeBackward.org), which is fighting to stop Home Forward from unfairly evicting the Frosts from their apartment in the Humboldt Gardens. This week's picket is one in a series of actions designed to tell Home Forward's management' that their residents and the community at-large will not accept mistreatment and retaliatory evictions.

Campaign volunteers, alongside individual community members, have been working overtime - on their own time - since the Frosts were given a ninety-day eviction notice in January. This is the third consecutive weekly picket at the downtown offices, and just one of many escalating actions that will be taken until Home Forward withdraws the eviction and allows the Frosts to remain in their apartment and/or provides them alternative suitable Section 8-compliant housing.[...]

Portland Solidarity Network - Home Forward is Home Backward
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