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GO VEGAN! Uplifting videos

Making vegan choices is one of the best things you can do to save the planet! Take it from someone who loves food ... you'll be amazed how good a vegan diet can taste!

lovely! go vegan, but..... 26.Mar.2012 21:26

veg daddy

Make sure you do a annual blood work (any doctor, natural medecine college, naturopath, free clinic), so you know your B vitamins/Iron/selenium are okay. Usually vegans supplement with brewer's yeast, but that only gets you folic acid/B6. And if you take too much folic acid it will mask a B-12 deficiency.

B-12 is the goddess of all B vitamins.

Not enough B-12 in your liver can spell trouble.

Not enough B-12 = 10 of the 20 amino acids for your brain do NOT get absorbed.

If you have trouble with memory, paranoia, attention, Thyroid issues, etc....get your blood work done. Its only $150 if yo don't have health insurance.

Drinking large amounts of coffee can drain the body of many vitamins including B and Iron leading to anemia and nervous problems and caffeine allergies.

Just a heads up from someone who appreciates ya'll and want you to stay healthy.