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Video: Workers Rights Hearing JWJ - 2.23.12 Vancouver Hilton Workers and Community

The Hilton Hotel Workers had a "Workers Rights" Hearing in the Vancouver Library - this is the film from the event organized by Jobs With justice.

The Workers Rights Board, was held on 2.23.12, and the room was full of concerned community members. Workers from the hotel tell of their unjust contract, and the greedy push back by management. Hear from the hotel workers how management works hard to push back against the workers struggle for fair wages, food to eat, their homes and health.
The workers at the Hilton Hotel in Vancouver, gathered at he library, to publicly speak out about their struggles for fair pair, health care and a contract that is fair. At this packed meeting the public was informed of the needs of the workers who are demanding workers rights that cover an array of issues.

The Hotel is owned by the city and in spite of awards that have earned the Hilton Hotel high standards and scores for quality and service, the hired workers are telling their side of the equation. And their side is ignored by the management. Their concerns are skipped over in blatant disregard for the labor and work these people bring to their employer and the community.

The City of Vancouver, through their organization the Downtown Redevelopment Agency, owns the Vancouver Hilton. For six years, the workers at the Vancouver Hilton have been in struggle. This is a struggle of becoming union, staying union, and fighting for respect and the ability to rise out of poverty wages - making good jobs for all in the service industry.

In this meeting on 2/23 we hear testimony from researchers, workers, and organizers in this struggle for justice, dignity, fair wages and health coverage from a company that "can pay" and "can do' whats right, but refuse to do so. As the Hearing Board overwhelming supports the workers in this public meeting, we will see how Hilton management reacts and supports the just findings or hides and uses its resources to fight the struggle from the workers.

Will management continue skimping on the workers wages or step up and do whats right.
Hear from the workers themselves, telling in their own words, in this 1 hour and 38 minute video, how crappy the management treats them. Listen for yourself, how well the Hilton is providing good service to the customers while they skip over their own employees.

The city of Vancouver is directly involved in this hotel workers rights issue and needs to step up and start acting responsible. "They" are in the center of this partnership with the Hilton management and are just as responsible as the Hilton management is, with respect to the workers demands.



Workers' Rights Board  http://www.jwjpdx.org/workers-rights-board

The Portland Area Workers' Rights Board

The Workers' Rights Board is a public forum where workers can bring complaints against employers for violating their human and legal rights in the workplace. The Board is drawn from a broad spectrum of community leaders and can intervene with employers and the public to help resolve situations that threaten workers' rights. The Board believes that it is especially important to support the efforts of low wage workers, who tend to be women, immigrants, young workers, and workers of color, to achieve justice in the workplace. Safe, living wage jobs, where workers are not discriminated against for speaking up for their rights, are the backbone of any healthy community. Workers' Rights Boards currently exist in thirteen cities across the country.

Statement of Purpose

The Portland Workers' Rights Board is convened to bring to light and respond to injustices in the workplace. The Board also fights for community labor standards which respect the dignity of all workers. In recent years workers' rights have been eroded. Workers are often intimidated or fired for speaking out or for union organizing. All too often the community does not know these stories. It is time for workers voices to be heard by our community.

Primary goals of the Workers' Rights Board


Investigate incidents where employers are accused of violating workers rights or unfairly resisting efforts of workers to have a voice in their workplace.

Establish community standards about fairness in the workplace that will serve as a moral benchmark to which employers can be held accountable.

Support and strengthen workers' democratic rights through community education.

The Portland Worker's Rights' Board is a community-based project of Portland Jobs with Justice, a coalition of labor unions, community organizations, faith-based organizations and other concerned people. Portland Jobs with Justice is part of a national coalition that works to promote economic justice and human rights for working people and their families. There are more than 40 Jobs with Justice chapters nationwide.

For more information, contact Jobs with Justice at 503.236.5573, or at  margaret@jwjpdx.org

Meeting Video:  http://youtu.be/KgtHDnqMPVM

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