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ALF Raids Oregon Pheasant Breeder

"Although the number of animals freed represented only a tiny fraction of the thousands more still held captive on this farm, we feel that every life saved--no matter how few--is a victory."
"Last night, the night of March 14th, we infiltrated the property of Queener Ridge Pheasant Company (40485 Queener Drive, Scio, OR) which breeds ringneck pheasants primarily to be murdered in commercial canned hunts. After jumping a barbed wire fence, we made our way to the main breeding facility where we dismantled a huge section of an aviary that held between 75-150 pheasants; liberating them into the night sky. Although the number of animals freed represented only a tiny fraction of the thousands more still held captive on this farm, we feel that every life saved--no matter how few--is a victory.

Ringneck pheasants are a naturalized species to this region and are specifically bred to retain their wild characteristics and instincts, so we have no doubt that these animals can survive in the wild upon release. Otherwise doomed to a life of confinement and brutality these sentient animals now have a fighting chance at survival.

For an industry whose only purpose is the infliction of violence against sentient animals for entertainment and pleasure, the only ethical choice we can make is to set your animals free.

Against all domination,
--Animal Liberation Front"


corporate media 16.Mar.2012 12:13


I found this terrible corporate media article about the raid.


contradictions much? 16.Mar.2012 12:57


This article claims that pheasants were "missing" from the farm. It's also a bit ironic that the farmer claims that all the released birds are "going to die", when according to the companies own website these birds (along with being bred for blood sports) are raised "to further the efforts to re-establish the population of these beatiful birds in the area." Both those assertions cannot be true.

 link to www.statesmanjournal.com

video 16.Mar.2012 23:31


Video from corporate media. Viva ALF!


good job 17.Mar.2012 11:21


I will never understand why ARAs always claim victory in the face of defeat. By claiming to be an A.L.F. action the people who committed the raid are now being sought as terrorists by the FBI. The amount of damages caused is a Felony. Now the pheasant farm will add security so this will not happen again. The group also committed this "release" during the time which the farm has a very low abundance of pheasants so instead of doing some research and "saving" thousands only a few were "saved". And the birds will still be hunted by humans this fall and by predators. The average life span of a pheasant in the wild is 11 months, in captivity the life span is many years.

This release was a fail on many levels, but at least a couple of people can feel good about themselves because they "did something" - at least no one lit themselves on fire in an effort to "save" these birds.

@& 18.Mar.2012 00:05

pro alf

A small group of people liberate around 100 animals in a single night and no one gets caught. This action generates a ton of local media that in some cases reprinted parts of the communique (and in one case the entire communique) articulating the motivations of the animal liberation movement to millions of people. Yeah I'd say this action was a huge fail.

obvious 18.Mar.2012 16:36


It is fairly obvious that this "release" was committed by idealistic college students on spring break. Now all the FBI profiler need do is look at what colleges were on break at this time, interview a few "activists" at that college. The people who committed this release were seeking attention and they have bragged about the act to the media and probably a bunch of their like minded friends - well people talk. The scenario will probably play out like an ELO song, "I heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who heard it from another ***** let a bunch of pheasants go". Then Idealistic college student get branded as an eco-terrorist, gets charged with a felony - sounds like a fail to me.

Oh, what Corperate media has covered this - the AG report, Salem news, KMTR, KPTV. Yeah that made a big splash, lots of farmers now know that a couple hippies let some birds go. This report never got out of state, no national news cares or even news in border states.

Obvious VS Oblivious 18.Mar.2012 22:04

Still laughing at your detective work

You seem to have all the answers and have this already figured out as to motive and who the guilty parties are. I bet the FBI and the Terrorist Task Force has a job just waiting for someone of your intelligence and insight. You are truly amazing. Go get them ALFers, Tiger!

terrorist 20.Mar.2012 00:18

pro alf

Here's another video. Notice the uncritical use of the word "terrorist."

 link to www.kval.com

better version 20.Mar.2012 00:24

pro alf

Better version of above the video.

 link to www.kpic.com