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Canadian Single Payer Health Insurance Is Great

Nobody in Canada wants to give up their government run health insurance but plenty of Americans in the U.S. want a government run health insurance.
Have you read any news stories where Canadians are demanding an end to government run health insurance? I have not seen such a story on TV or in the print news. So you should check out the internet site of ( Single Payer Action) where you will find that they want to have a government run single payer health insurance. This government run single payer health insurance will have no co-pays, deductibles or bills. Here is the mailing address for ( Single Payer Action).
Single Payer Action
P.O. Box 18384
Washington D.C. 20036
I think ( Single Payer Action ) will need your help if they are to get their message out to the people and I'm certain that they will accept money. I find it funny that so many people are willing to vote republican for the U.S. Senate because this is where single payer health insurance has the most trouble. It takes 60 senators to overcome a filibuster and this is why it is so hard to pass single payer health insurance in this country. We only have 53 democrats in the senate and we need to get 7 more democrate in the senate.