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Lords of Nature Screening:: Ecology, Welfare Ranching, & the Persecution of Wolves

Join the Student Animal Coalition for a screening of Lords of Nature: Life in the Land of Great Predators!

Friday March 16th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
Portland State Multicultural-Center
, Portland OR
[at Smith Memorial Student Union, 3rd floor]

Check out the trailer

This screening will be accompanied by a short panel discussion after the film. Join Brooks Fahy, the executive director of Predator Defense, Wally Sykes of Trapfree Oregon and North-Eastern Oregon Ecosystems and Karin Coulter, a long time activist who founded the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project as we all discuss the importance of predators in Oregon's ecosystems, our delicate relationships with these predators as well as the political significance of their existence and the repercussions of their removal from the endangered species list.


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Lords of Nature
Lords of Nature
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