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Video: March Fourth rally and march 3.4.12

An Occupy Portland organized rally and march. This event happened on March 4th
It started in the PSU Parkblock
The video is a recording from most of the event that day
March Fourth at the PSU parkblocks rally and march on 3.4.12 - Portland Oregon
(23 minute video)

Information about this enent, copied below, is from the Occupy Portland's website;

On March 4th, 2012, we will gather at 2PM in an effort to continue to drive positive changes in the nation and worldwide.

The concept is simple. Each person picks an issue they are passionate about and want to see changed. Please research that issue and learn as much as you can before March 4th. Along with doing the research regarding factual information, I'm hoping that participants will be compelled to come up with at least one solution to their issue.

When we gather at 2pm on the 4th, everybody will unite with a group related to their issue where they will be able to speak to one another about their ideas, experiences, and why that issue is important to them. People should also feel free to travel between groups if they see something that interests them, after all, this event is about the free exchange of knowledge.

At approximately 3pm, each group will step off and march together to promote a better world.

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Video: March Fourth - Occupy Portland PSU parkblocks pictures from 3.4.12 rally 11.Mar.2012 17:29

joe anybody iam@joeanybody.com

Here is another video from the (portland Oregon) March Fourth Rally in the PSU parkblocks on 3.4.12

It is a 4 minute video made from picture of "the people" and their signs \ with music in the background.

March Fourth - Occupy Portland PSU parkblocks pictures from 3.4.12 rally

More Videos from Occupy Wall Street 11.Mar.2012 18:22


Thanks Joe for a great video, brightening today and tomorrow!
I hope everyone enjoys these links and articles from www.onthecommons.org.

Biggest Gift the Commons has Received in a Long Time
New videos from Occupy Wall Street's Commons Forum
By Jay Walljasper


Occupy is the biggest gift the commons has received in a long time in this country— Alexa Bradley

Making Worlds, an educational committee of Occupy Wall Street, convened a watershed forum on the commons Feb. 16-18 in Brooklyn.

OTC's program director Alexa Bradley gave a presentation about Reclaiming the Commons, where she stressed that the commons is found "at the intersection of environmental responsibility and restoration, and direct democracy, and social and economic equity."

She goes on to note that, "Occupy is the biggest gift the commons has received in a long time in this country."

More than two dozens videos from this historic meeting can be seen now on Making Worlds' wikispace.

In addition to Bradley's workshop you'll find issues ranging from voting rights to alternative banking to raising children to arts and the commons discussed.

Among the presenters are:

*David Bollier of the Commons Strategy Group on Surveying Commons Activism on the International Stage ;

*James Quilligan, a key advisor to many international leaders, on the Global Commons Trust ;

*Silvia Federici, an activist and teacher at Hofstra University, offered An Introduction to the Commons ;

*Marcela Olivera, a Bolivian activist working with Food & Water Watch on Water Struggles in Bolivia.

and "Economic Security Beyond Jobs," Peter Barenes

and "Annie Leonard," Creator of Story of Stuff