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Republican candidates to debate in Portland

They're coming here for an OPB debate, March 19th

 link to news.opb.org
The Republican debates road show is coming to Portland, apparently (?) to the Oregon Public Broadcasting Studios at SW Nevada and SW Macadam. They are scheduled to be here Monday, March 19th. Presumably they will fly in at PDX, or possibly (because of fear of the public) at Evergreen's airstrip, North of town.

 link to news.opb.org

I wish my schedule allowed me to meet them myself, because the policies they promote are grotesque: as servants of the corporate billionaire hegemons, they promote more pollution, more war, more Jim Crow drug war, more social aggression against LGBTQ persons. And of course they want to increase the devastating maldistribution of wealth, away from wealth-creating workers, and into the offshore coffers of the inheritance class. May they be greeted with streets full of vomit.


Doubtless the whole area will be sealed off as a war zone, with the terrain offering little access and the Willamette River guarding the West. Persons commuting to and from Lake Oswego and Oregon City via Hwy 43 should make plans.

homepage: homepage: http://kboo.fm/presswatch

Clown Picket! 11.Mar.2012 17:20


Parasol Climate Collective, and Hella503, who brought you the D12 Port Shutdown, are calling for a clown Picket of the Debate.

Meet at Wilamette Park at 4:30 on March 19th. First 50 to arrive will get clown gear. Please show up in your own if you like.

Little Beruit!!!

Clown Picket now endorsed by Occupy Portland! 11.Mar.2012 22:30


The GA endorsed this action tonight.

unconfirmed 13.Mar.2012 14:19


that the debate has been *canceled due to some kind of schedule conflict

might wanna double - check it ?

Save your clown hats 16.Mar.2012 09:36

cancelled debate

Clowns that Kill... make me ill. 17.Mar.2012 16:36

:` (

Murderous, traitorous, treasonous, lying, betraying, thieving, hypocritical EVIL CLOWNS should not even have a "political platform" from which they can spew their toxic & deadly venom (their voices cause 'death & despair'). They should not be allowed to spread more lies with which they can use to lead us into more 'wars for Oil/resources' at the TRUE COST of many innocent lives. They are the true cause of the "War Economy" we are all enslaved to NOW. Many people are suffering and dying because of the "War Economy" which THEY created by design. $$$$$

Rich Man's War---> Poor Man's Blood

Many people have died because of these "twisted people" and many more people will continue to die because of these insane/evil people. The "system" is FUELED BY WAR and powered by the 'sacrifice of innocent lives'.

Rich Man's War---> Poor Man's Blood

After all of the >>>TERROR<<< they have caused-----> My question is this... Why are murderous politicians even allowed to continue with their EVIL CHARADE? The Republican Party is Evil. But then... so is the entire political system of CORPORATOCRACY/PLUTOCRACY $$$. It kills people. It kills the planet. All for so-called "profit" $$$. The system is insane.

Hypocrisy reigns supreme. Democrats are not immune. The entire political system is based on greed, money $$$, 'power & control'.

The "system" is treacherous, poisonous and TOXIC FOR CONSUMPTION (for all life... human and otherwise).

Think "Pennywise the Clown".
Evil Clown
Evil Clown "Death Merchants".
Wars caused by Liars -- War Criminals/War Profiteers
Wars caused by Liars -- War Criminals/War Profiteers
Blood On Their Hands.  --->  'Collateral Murder'.
Blood On Their Hands. ---> 'Collateral Murder'.