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Video: PGE's Cascade Crossing Open House in Portland

Portland General Electric is hosting an open house in downtown Portland to promote their proposed Cascade Crossing project. This 209 mile energy transmission corridor spans from Boardman, Oregon to the Salem area, and traverses private land as well as both the Willamette and Mt Hood National Forests.

The video is an excerpt from the August 2010 Bark Hike to existing Portland General Electric (PGE) transmission lines near Mt. Hood in order to familiarize folks with what the proposed PGE Cascade Crossing Energy Corridor will look like.

Hike to Energy Corridor

Join Bark at the open house on Tuesday, and make sure PGE knows we think this project is a bad deal for ratepayers and our public forests.

Tell them:
*You don't want to pay higher rates to fund more clear-cuts on Mt Hood;
*Oregon's energy use is not increasing; you don't want to see unnecessary energy infrastructure cross three Wild & Scenic Rivers and the Pacific Crest Trail, or cut perilously close to Breitenbush Hot Springs;
*Ask them to consider the impacts that this project would have on wildlife, including the endangered spotted owl;
*Demand that they use the dormant line that runs adjacent and unused along the length of this proposed project;
*Demand that they consider the cumulative impacts of this project, including the upgrade and construction of associated roads and processing plants.

Tuesday, March 13th, between 4PM and 7PM (stop by any time)
Plaza Conference Room
Two World Trade Center
121 S.W. Salmon Street

Find us there for questions or ideas about what you can say to PGE.

See you there! Contact Bark with questions at 503-331-0374.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org
phone: phone: 503-331-0374