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Solidarity needed tomorrow, New Seasons Market Workers' Voice

"A group of workers, now called New Seasons Market Workers' Voice, have been campaigning for a more democratic workplace for over 3 years now. When management made the decision to fire Ryan they weren't just getting rid of a 9 and half year committed staff member, they were attempting to silence the voices of their workers. New Seasons drew that line, now we are responding."

MARCH 9, 2012

New Seasons Market Workers' Voice

CONTACT:  info@newseasonsmarketworkersvoice.org 971-258-1653

Rally to Restore Friendliness at New Seasons

Date: Saturday, March 10

Time: 11:00am

Location: 1954 SE Division St., Portland, OR

PORTLAND, OR -- Workers and community supporters have been engaged in an intense week of preparation for tomorrow's solidarity rally at New Seasons Market, to take place at the Seven Corners store location (1954 SE Division St., 11:00am) Earlier this week, the New Seasons Market Workers' Voice campaign received a full endorsement from the Portland chapter of Jobs with Justice, a large coalition of labor unions and pro-worker democracy advocates representing thousands of people in the Portland area.

An official announcement from JwJ states:
"Portland Jobs with Justice is committed to workers' rights to collective action, democracy in the workplace, and due process. We have endorsed the campaign of New Seasons Market Workers' Voice and call for the immediate reinstatement of Ryan Gaughan, who we believe was unjustly fired because of his efforts to promote workplace democracy. We encourage others to do likewise."

Additionally, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) investigation continues into the circumstances surrounding the termination of employee Ryan Gaughan on February 7. Ryan filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the NLRB several days after his termination and, with the support of co-organizers and workers from the company, the NLRB is examining evidence which supports the claim that he was involved in multiple occurrences of workplace concerted activity. The NSM Workers' Voice campaign maintains that Ryan was targeted by management and selectively terminated due to his participation in these efforts to address and improve working conditions.

A delegation of supporters will be on hand to deliver a community petition to management containing over 700 signatures which calls for the immediate reinstatement of Ryan Gaughan. This petition also demands that management at NSM begin meeting with workers in the company to begin negotiations seeking to reform the company's disciplinary practices. The online portion of this petition can be found at:  http://newseasonsmarketworkersvoice.org/petition/

The New Seasons Market Workers' Voice campaign calls upon all workers, customers, and community allies to participate in this critical demonstration of solidarity.

More information about the New Seasons Market Workers' Voice campaign can be found at: newseasonsmarketworkersvoice.org

 link to www.youtube.com

homepage: homepage: http://newseasonsmarketworkersvoice.org
phone: phone: 971-258-1653

Video clip: 10.Mar.2012 14:03


This is a short cell phone video link from the rally today -->  http://bambuser.com/v/2459482
A longer video will be coming here soon

Video: New Season Rally 20.Mar.2012 14:53


A Video post from the second rally at NSM is posted here on pimc:

Solidarity with Ryan with "We Are Oregon" 20.Mar.2012 14:56

updater from FB

Great news! The campaign for worker democracy at New Seasons Market has secured another community endorsement. We are proud to be in solidarity with We Are Oregon www.weareoregon.org

Here's what they have to say:

"We Are Oregon is working to support the New Seasons Market Workers' Voice Campaign because they are working to raise our community expectations about how workers are treated, and what... constitutes a "good job". We believe a good job means a decent wage, healthcare benefits, and a voice in the workplace. Whenever an employer fires or intimidates workers who are organizing to improve conditions for themselves and others, We Are Oregon will stand with them. New Seasons Market workers deserve a voice."