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Indubious concert at the WOW to help pay for vandalism damages at Portland Rally

Hi my name is Abin Griffin in 1997 with the help of Ralph Nader and arts and Music shows, we helped shut down Maine Yankee Nuclear plant in Maine. Now I am with Stonedham Music Co-operative. We are bringing Indubious to Eugene, at the WOW Hall March 10th. 8:30pm-1:30am. We are promoting my Workers Economic Bill of Rights.
We are also creating a fund with 10% of the profits to pay for the damages, done by vandalism, at the anti police brutality demonstration in Portland recently. The concerts theme is about local sustainable economics, so we want to show our support for small businesses and non-violent citizen action. This our co-operatives' point of view and we will be paying the restaurant owner directly. We are doing another Show in Portland, with Indubious, April 2012, where we will donate $1 per ticket to the Portland fund. We invited Occupy Eugene to speak and table at this event.

We have created a music production worker owned Co-operative, based on this Workers Bill of Rights and the Mondragon Co-operative Corporation in the Basque region of Spain. Helping with whatever we can, as well as creating a more sustainable economic system.
Sponsored by: Aurora Innovations-  contact@aurorainnovations.org

Tickets at
Aqua Serene -2836 W,11th Eugene Or. 97402
Print Green -3403 W 7th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97402 ..

Line up:
Speakers; Robert Griffin, Aka (Abin), on the Workers Economic Bill of Rights.

Charity Maddon ; Fields of Food. Agricultural economic community development.
Alley Valkyrie from Occupy Eugene,on homelessness in Lane County.
Rick Staggenborg ; from Soldiers of Peace International, on ending corporate personhood.

Music: Jelani Diaz and Friends, R&B Reggae, hip hop. Jelani Diaz, is a member Stoned Ham Production Co-operative. Worker owned and democratically controlled.

The Tip, from Eugene, Rock and Roll, at 9:30pm.

Featuring, Indubious, popular hip hop, reggae, from Ashland at 11 pm

homepage: homepage: http://www.indubiousmusic.com/fr_intro.cfm