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Charles Eisenstein, sophist: "JFK hit, 9/11, etc. just 'synchronicity'"

"These patterns of events are drawn to history because we need them to flesh out conspiracy theories and give expression to the psychological energies driving those theories. It is as if events organize themselves around some kind of field that makes them appear to have a causal linkage, even when they do not."
"Synchronicity: The coincidence of events that seem related but are not obviously caused one by the other."

"Sophist: A deceptive person who offers clever-sounding but offers flawed arguments or explanations."

Oh, give me a break!

One would think that someone of Mr. Eisenstein's intelligence, knowledge, and alleged idealism would know better than attempting to sway listeners/readers with such sophistry. Besides immediately conflating 9/11 truth activists with fringe NWO/evil-aliens/etc./etc. theorists, according to him, the very intensity with which "conspiracists" believe that bad events will happen via those in positions of power—lo and behold!—literally creates the conditions from which such bad events manifest! Although these bad events might look just like they came via conspiracies of the powers that be, they are not that at all, as they have all come about through the "causal field" of "synchronicity"! Those in positions of power and to whom the evidence points are, in fact, blameless; they just unfortunately got stuck in that pesky "synchronicity" field effect.

No more need to muck about uncovering layer after layer of psychopathically orchestrated events; if we all can just get in the love groove, then the good times will roll!

But read the article for yourself and then decide.

And for the average person, what can he/she do? According to his book "Sacred Economics," they just have to be sure to vote into office good people, not bad ones, so that the good ones can create good economics (i.e., his ideas) and other good policies.

But what's that you say? Wholesale election frauds via voting machines, etc. that will determine who is actually put into elective office regardless of who actually won the election? Hey, don't even go there! That's just another conspiracy theory, and if you believe it, it'll just come true!

[For conspiracy skeptics: here's an oldie-but-goodie by Michael Parenti: "Conspiracy Phobia on the Left":
 https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Document:The_JFK_Assassination_-_Conspiracy_Phobia_on_the_Left ]

Excerpts from Mr. Eisenstein's article are given below.
[article url: www.realitysandwich.com/synchronicity_myth_and_new_world_order]
The comments alone to this article are very insightful, with many calling him on his sophistry vs. facts. Yes, Mr. E. has lots of valid and very healthful ideas that I totally agree with, but mixed in there's a lot of bull, as well. Caveat emptor... .

Synchronicity, Myth, and the New World Order
By Charles Eisenstein


September 15, 2011

"... an article inspired by the recent anniversary of 9/11."

The purpose of this essay is not to debunk conspiracy theories or uphold the dominant historical narrative. Rather, I will advance a third explanation that respects and transcends both. Most critiques of conspiracy theories dispute the author's evidence, logic, and sources, and impugn his sanity, intelligence, or integrity. I will not do that. While such critiques often have merit, they tend to go after the low-hanging fruit: the sloppiest authors, the weakest points of their theses, the most easily explained of their evidence. Giving the best of the genre a fair reading, however, the impartial reader realizes that something strange is going on.
... .
Moreover, the NWO conspiracy theory, whatever its flaws, bears some important truths. For one thing, it speaks to our sense that there is something deeply wrong in the world, something that is right in front of our faces yet that we are too blind to see. The NWO hypothesis feels validating and liberating. In the end, though, many people find it to be disempowering; as I shall describe, it subtly feeds into the mentality behind the very same conditions that it aspires to change. It robs us of our power and helps maintain the status quo.
Are there really ultra-intelligent, ultra-competent people on top whose plans actually work and whose technologies actually succeed in molding the world to their plans? Or are the elites of our civilization as confused and scared as the rest of us, responding to events that, at every turn, take on a life of their own?
[T]hose in power try to maintain control and often wreak awful damage in so doing, but generally speaking it is events that control them, and not the other way around.
Conspiracy theories ascribe a degree of competence, foresight, and efficiency to the controlling organizations that is generally foreign to human institutions.
The conspiracists agree with a defining precept of our civilization: that the world is fundamentally amenable to control. They think that this power to control has been turned toward evil, but do not dispute the technocratic doctrine that society and the material world can be endlessly improved through the methods of science: gathering information, making plans, eliminating variables, applying force, and so on. To believe that the NWO conspiracy is even possible is to conform to one of the primary motivating and justifying beliefs underlying totalitarianism.
We have been betrayed. After centuries of sacrifice on the altar of technological development, we harbor a deep disappointment and anger. We export that anger onto the Illuminati, or whoever it is that has robbed us of The Future.
... .
Consider, for example, the idea that the World Trade Center towers fell due to demolition charges placed inside the buildings by government operatives. For them to be willing to do this, they would have to exist nearly in a separate social universe, inculcated with values very different from those of the rest of society. Contrary to the impression given by Hollywood movies, people don't commit acts like this out of pure unreasoning evil. They do so in conformity to a culturally-embedded world-view.

Basically, for a conspiracy of this scale to exist, there would have to be an entire parallel society hidden within our own, complete with a full set of parallel institutions to create people with a very different culture among us.
One indication of the emotional appeal of conspiracy theories is their addictive nature. When I visited the conspiracy state of being some time ago, I found myself constantly checking certain websites, and feeling a kind of gratification at each discovery of some new outrage.

Believers spend lots of time getting "informed", but do they really act upon that information? Some do, I suppose: they move to an armed compound in Idaho or hide gold coins in their basement. But most go on with life as usual.

Like any addiction, addiction to conspiracy websites or the closely related end-of-the-world websites disempowers people, and actually helps maintain the status quo.
Belief in conspiracy theories is not one of several emotionally coequal world-view alternatives. It is part and parcel of an emotional, psychological, and spiritual state of being. That state of being is a victim state. The belief that events are controlled by malevolent people far more powerful than ourselves, that any attempt at change is futile in the face of the tremendous powers arrayed against us, leaves no alternative but to carve out a small, safe realm of rebellion-in-private. If there were indeed a global conspiracy, it would be quite happy with this result. Paradoxically, then, we might say that the idea that there is a global conspiracy is itself a lie propagated by the global conspiracy.
Conspiracism offers an external evil and thereby exculpates us from our own complicity in the awful things happening on earth today. We can think, "If only I were in charge, I would run things very differently than the New World Order Illuminati, because I am a decent person, not evil like they are."

The paradigm that sees human affairs -- and even cosmic processes -- as a war between good and evil has deep roots, originating with the first agricultural civilizations.
Conspiracism gives new guise to a very old thoughtform (that the horror of our world is caused by forces of evil) that is becoming obsolete. We can see its obsolescence both in our changing attitudes toward nature, which no longer hold it as an object of conquest and exploitation, and in newly ascendant spiritual beliefs that emphasize the integration and transcendence of dualities. In social psychology as well, a new movement called situationism contends that the totality of our external and internalized circumstances, rather than some disposition toward good or evil, determines our choices.
Could it be that when we see an evil cabal controlling the world, we are actually seeing the projection of our own egos?
So let us consider a riddle: If there is no conspiracy in the normal sense, then how to explain the evidence pointing to one? Let us not throw out the baby with the bathwater. When you look into the Kennedy assassination, or the history of suppression of unconventional energy technologies, or the cancer industry and the criminalization of alternative therapies, or any number of other issues, it sure can look like a conspiracy. If there isn't one, then we must discover some third explanation that doesn't turn a blind eye to some very incongruous events.
Even discounting the considerable selection bias that filters the evidence presented in conspiracy books, many of the coincidences remain striking. Moreover, there is something uncanny about the facility with which certain events lend themselves to conspiracy hypotheses. It is as if they are begging for it; for example, Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald before he could talk in court about his motive for assassinating President Kennedy. It looks like a conspiracy. It smells like a conspiracy. But is it a conspiracy?
What if, in addition to predisposing us to see patterns that aren't there, our emotions and beliefs actually attract experiential data that fits them? What if, for example, the psychic energy beneath conspiracism organizes events to fit into a conspiracy pattern, so that it looks like a conspiracy even if there are no actual conspirators?
[W]hat if they are coincidence, but coincidence isn't what we think it is: Perhaps coincidence is not random, but orchestrated (not by a conscious human agency) into patterns that conform to certain belief systems and meet certain psychological needs. As illustrated earlier, people with certain emotional or psychological needs are attracted to conspiracy theories. Well, the reverse might also be true: patterns of events that look like conspiracies are attracted to needs that exist in human society. Together these form what we might call a "matrix of synchronicity" that is grist to the conspiracy mill.
I am saying: "These patterns of events are drawn to history because we need them to flesh out conspiracy theories and give expression to the psychological energies driving those theories." It is as if events organize themselves around some kind of field that makes them appear to have a causal linkage even when they do not.
It is as if the events are happening for you, but not for me; that in one universe, the police raid really did happen, and in another universe it did not -- and both these universes coexist on earth. Steeped in the doctrine of objectivity, we would like to think there is a "fact of the matter", an absolute reality in which it either did or did not happen, independent of our knowledge. But perhaps reality is not like that. Perhaps reality is relational, co-created, and never just "out there."
[P]erhaps our world occupies a superposition of states, one of which is the NWO state, and we can see the interference effects of that state even without its being "real". Its reality, and that of the conventional explanation as well, is indeterminate. It is only when we begin to investigate that we collapse the wave function and enter into one or another shadow reality.

homepage: homepage: http://www.realitysandwich.com/synchronicity_myth_and_new_world_order