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Emergency Call-Out to All #Occupiers in Michigan and Surrounding Areas

OCCUPY SAGINAW NEEDS YOUR HELP! Occupy Saginaw is organizing an International Women's Day march and rally this Thursday, March 8, focusing on the issues of rape and rape culture. At the same time, a pair of disgruntled ex-participants in OS have been calling the media, unions and even other #Occupy members, with the intent of sabotaging this event.
These two ex-participants left OS after losing a vote, where members by consensus rejected the choice these two made for a "keynote speaker" for the rally: a local cop. They refused to entertain any other solution, arrogantly telling OS, "he's going to speak, whether you like it or not." In this area, cops are not only notorious for taking the side of the accused in a rape case, it is an open secret that many past cops were serial rapists.

After losing the vote, these two immediately began calling other past and present participants in OS who did not make the GA, telling them that we had withdrawn support for the rally and that all leaflets, posters and other materials created by us for the event was to be destroyed -- including those put up in public places and those yet to be distributed. They went so far as to tell an African-American member of OS that the group was expecting her to do the bulk of the distribution (a not-so-subtle attempt at sowing division based on race). ALL OF THESE STATEMENTS ARE LIES!

As for those who were at the GA, these two told us that they were going to hold their own rally, since they had (stolen) the permit for the park (and put it in one of their names), and that if OS showed up at the park, they would call the police and have us arrested!

With less than 48 hours to go, we are having to reconstruct and redo all of the work that these two have undone. Unfortunately, because of some of the "special connections" we found out one of these two has (he is a well-known functionary in the county Democratic Party with deep relations with union officials), our turnout may be very low. Indeed, there is real concern that it may only be a few more than the members of OS who show up.

We are appealing to all #Occupy participants who can make it to come to Saginaw on Thursday, March 8, and join us for International Women's Day. This is an important issue and we are pleading for the greatest possible solidarity with survivors of sexual assault.

If you have questions or would like more information, call us at (989) 327-0724 or e-mail us at  occupy@occupysaginaw.com. Information for the event is also available on our website: www.occupysaginaw.com/march8.

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