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Do You Trust Your Health to OHSU?

Portland, OR, 2/27/2012 --- Watch what you say at OHSU or you might get punched. Or tased. Or choked. September 8, 2011, Monica Taylor was denied medical treatment, beaten, tased and arrested at OHSU. Ms. Taylor is currently preparing a lawsuit against OHSU.

On her doctor's referral, Monica Taylor went to OHSU to be seen by a neurologist for her rapidly declining mobility and health concerns. At the time, she was using a cane to walk. She was quickly dismissed by the OHSU neurologist and denied an MRI. Upset, scared and angry, Monica became increasingly agitated, yelled at personnel that she needed an MRI and eventually collapsed in the lobby in tears. OHSU staff asked her to leave the building. Outside the lobby door, she called her doctor to get a second referral. Next thing Ms. Taylor knows, a security guard is standing over her demanding she leaves. Ms. Taylor stated she would leave after her phone call to her doctor. Officer Townsend responded by grabbing her neck and slamming her face into the ground. Officer Townsend proceeded to tase Monica 8 times in the back, leaving permanent scars. The cops were called, and Monica was handcuffed, put in a wheelchair and taken to jail. Ms. Taylor was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, attempted assault and assault of an officer.
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