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bybee is hiding from a small group

bybee the bug judge
Judge j. bybee came to Portland and we were there to meet him.

We, of noble intentions were there, we stood for an hour starting about 0800 and left after court started. Malcolm flew his VFP flag with the stars and stripes and we told our story of the "Bug" Judge to be repeated during the time he is in Portland, March 5-9. You all know of the water boarding, the way he got his name by saying it is ok and legal for the President to order torture but you must not call it torture. This once great country can hurt and kill without punishment because we are so powerful. All countries that have sought empire have been invincible for a short time, but justice is always close as the British found out. The Germans were among the strongest of nations until people said enough. America tried judges, lawyers, and politicians for war crimes after WW2 and someday bybee, yoo, cheney, bush and the rest will look over their shoulder and see a prosecutor with guts and they too will stand before the bar of justice and their fate will be sealed. We will be there tomorrow at 1130-1:00 PM, stop by for a bit to join byee for lunch. We did not see him today, he is hiding from us---fits with his personality of cowardice. We will decided each day what time we will take up our watch the next, I will try to get word out to you each day. This person of shame who calls himself j. bybee, we call "The Monster of the Desert." Come join us or just stop to say hello. Many people stopped by to ask about this torture judge and when we told them who he is they could not believe that he is out and about, free, sitting on one of the best courts, but someday history will be written and he will read it in a dark place of shame.

homepage: homepage: http://www.individualsforjustice.com

All Week in Portland 06.Mar.2012 09:27

Joe Anybody

Protesting Torture Advocates in PDX - all this week - Tuesday time is 11:00 - 1:00

Videos: 2 cell phone clips from Tuesday at Pioneer Courthouse 07.Mar.2012 07:50

joe anybody iam@joeanybody.com

A cell phone videp clip from the Tuesday gathering in front of Pioneer Courthouse to protest the torture memo (bug) judge.
Protesting judge bybee in Portland 3.6.12 - cellphone clip

(sorry for the poor audio)

Another cell phone video clip from Tuesday:
Joe Anybody at judge bybee protest in Portland on 3.6.12

video - 3/7/12 bybee protest 07.Mar.2012 13:09

joe anybody


short cell video clip from Wednesdays protest at Pioneer Courthouse ((( i )))

Bug judge 09.Mar.2012 12:42

joe anybody

5 of the individuals for justice stood and informed people who walked by the 9th Circuit Courthouse on Friday afternoon - as well as letting those who were going inside, know that the infamous "BUG \Torture Memo Judge" was inside the building.

A whole group of school kids {50+} got some education on how America runs in justice system, as I walked up they were all checking out the bybee protest posters and signs before getting on the Max.

unlike Obama? 09.Mar.2012 15:33

Wrench Monkey

When Obama officials (like Bush officials before them) refer to someone "who is a senior operational leader of Al Qaeda or associated forces," what they mean is this: someone the President has accused and then decreed in secret to be a Terrorist without ever proving it with evidence. The willingness of Democrats to embrace and defend this power is especially reprehensible because of how completely, glaringly and obviously at odds it is with everything they loudly claimed to believe during the Bush years.

At Esquire, Charles Pierce, writing about Holder's recent speech, described this best: "a monumental pile of crap that should embarrass every Democrat who ever said an unkind word about John Yoo."

... or Bybee.

Video from Wednesday @ The Bug Judge Protest in Portland 13.Mar.2012 08:45

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

3.7.12 Judge bybee Protest on Wednesday in Portland Oregon - Pioneer Courthouse

Individuals For Justice stood in front of the 9th Circuit Court and gave out information as they protested the Bug Judge who was inside. The protesters were in front of the courthouse daily for all week. This video recording of about a 1/2 dozen concerned individuals was filmed on Wednesday around high noon in front of the 9th Circuit Courthouse.


A big Thank You 05.Mar.2012 19:25

School teacher

Thank you so much for doing this. These people must be identified and protested wherever they go. Judge Bybee, Condoleeza Rice, Bush and Cheney and their henchmen should be ashamed to be out in public and they should be harassed whenever they do so.

Interesting stats 06.Mar.2012 09:50

Lone Vet

IN Iraq
Before Torture 2003--486
After Torture 2004--849

Thank bybee & yoo

Great work Joe Walsh! 06.Mar.2012 12:39

Lawrence Maushard

Thank you for being one of those who will never forget, and will never accept or amnesty these American war criminals.

Some day these people will be in jail where they belong due to your efforts.

Our Watch Continues 06.Mar.2012 19:04

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Tuesday, our small group of veterans and retired activists were once again standing our post to remind the torture judge that we know what he did. Each person who passed us knew that inside of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals located on 6th Ave was a defective lawyer who became a judge on the blood of the innocent. His work will always be noted for its sinister conclusions that caused the death of innocent Iraqis who were, for the most part, picked up by one group and sold to the Americans as terrorists. Most were released after they were tortured by our CIA to see what they knew, in some cases for the amusement of soldiers who should have never been placed in the position of guards. When the pictures were released or leaked the people of Iraq were incensed and wanted vengence against our American soldiers. I would have done the same.

The reason that there has not been anyone accountable is because both the cheney/bush administration and the leading democrats were involved in the cover-up, it was never a few bad apples, it was systemic. This is what, for Americans of goodwill find so hard to understand. We tortured POWs and that is never allowed under our laws or under international laws. We can fight about the reasons, but never the actions themselves; we executed leaders both in Germany and Japan for the very action that bybee and yoo decided were legal. The President is not god, even if he thinks he is and the people around him tell him he is god. I remember a story that was told about noble generals from Rome. When they entered the city for their victory reward and celebration, in the chariot was a slave who would whisper in the general's ear, "You are only human." True or not, it is a great story because when you have won a great battle one should be reminded you are not a god, just a lucky SOB.

We, members from Veterans For Peace and Individuals For Justice, will stay outside of the 9th for an hour or so, until this monster j. bybee is out of our city and that should be Friday. My hope is that he will not return and we, who want justice and peace will be left "In Peace."

Join us if you wish, say hello to us--about high noon, and as people who pass us daily say, "Thank you for doing this, I wish I could join you but I can't."

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
US Navy 1962-1971

3 DAYS LEFT 07.Mar.2012 09:11

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

We will be outside of the 9th again today, about 11:30 AM to greet the bug judge when he is going to lunch. There is a group of war criminals walking free, making lots of money and telling people who sit in theaters all across this country why war is good, torture better, murder of women and children outstanding. These war criminals sell books, give talks for large fees and get rich. There is a small band of activists that will protest them when they come to their city. Individuals For Justice is part of the larger groups who will meet people like torture judge bybee, condoleeza rice, rove, all who have come here and we told them they are not welcome in our city. Judge bybee is on the top of our list, he is here this week and we meet every day at the old courthouse 700 SW 6th Ave. to tell him he should resign his life long appointment. The reason he should resign is because the dems are never going to hold anyone accountable for the mess called the war in Iraq. The repubs want to say that torture is not torture, war is good, bybee is the face of corruption and all politicians just love corruption. We need citizen representatives and not career politicians and maybe we will stop going to war and seek justice/peace in the world. We will be there today and for the rest of the week to have lunch with a man who is a defective human and tell him to resign his position as a judge and turn himself into the cops. Repent j. bybee and all will be better for you and me. Remember when the republicans were all about law and order, now they just stand for corruption and wars. The democrats are not much different, that is why after forty years of being a dem I left and joined the Oregon Progressive Party. Join us if you can, stop and say hello if you can, we do laugh a lot and are really a fun group unless you are a warmonger, then you may want to just keep on walking.
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

j.bybee says, this is legal
j.bybee says, this is legal
j.bybee this is ok
j.bybee this is ok
j. bybee likes this before trial
j. bybee likes this before trial

It Was Cold 07.Mar.2012 22:44

Lone Vet

Today was Wednesday, we were there to witness one of our leaders take his place on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a man who will decide cases ranging from an inmate's right to legal representation in our prison system to a whole range of other issues. One day he may have to decide whether a person will get his freedom or stay in prison. Maybe there is a contract issue that one party does not like the conclusion of a lower court and is appealing; kind of important stuff if you are paying the cost of appealing a decision that you just know is wrong. This is what the 9th does day in day out, they make decisions that affect the very foundation of our judicial system. This may be the last place one goes for Justice and in my opinion, the most important court because if you lose at this level, after some attempts to have the Appellate Court think again about the case, you can only go to the Supreme Court and they only take very important cases, about 100 per year. So, what does it mean when you get a defective judge, a judge that has in the past sold his soul for a seat on the court; it means a lot. Most people walking by our small group do not know who this monster is, never heard of Judge J. bybee. That is why we stand in the rain and cold, to tell them a story that is very hard to believe. Our biggest problem is getting people to believe the saga of this man who came close to destroying our Department of Justice and turning it into a Department of Torture. This man who said it is ok to beat children, to drive people insane, to make prisoners think they are going to die, allow a president to think he and only he has the power to allow the CIA to make families believe their children will be beaten to death unless we get the correct answers. All who played a part in this indefensible reign of terror must be brought to Justice, not for some political concept but because we must get our souls back as a nation. We will annoy the court for two more days, Judge j. bybee will leave Portland on Friday and our protest will end, others will protest in their own way when he arrives in San Francisco, Nevada or maybe Seattle. We are dedicated to bringing all the war criminals to some level of Justice and sitting on the Court of Appeals is not one of our options, sitting in prison is definitely on the top of the list.

Saying goodbye to the monster of the 9th 09.Mar.2012 08:09

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Our last day with the Bug Judge:

Yesterday was Thursday and we were there; at the 9th Circuit and to our surprise so were friends from Eugene and Vancouver, it was a time. Dave and Jack were here to take on the bug judge. It was good to see them, they are both people who do great work in letting people know we have a big problem sitting on the Court. I was laying out some poster boards when I heard this voice telling me not to use duck tape because it was not allowed, when I looked up it was a security guard from Portland Patrol, I said "Go Away!" We have this serious problem in the area of the courthouse with these would-be cops, who for whatever reason carry guns, and hassle kids who are living on the streets. They order them around when they have no authority to order anyone unless you are on private property. The older rent-a-cop was not going to let me get away with ignoring him or his sidekick who now informed us we had to move because we were blocking the walkway. Now I got pissed and told them they are not cops and should go away and stop hassling a legal protest in front of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. They went off and called the PoPo and lo and behold three bike cops showed up to bust the man who was doing evil by taping upon the ground. Now the woman cop told us we could not use tape on our poster boards. Well, what the hell, the cops have nothing else to do but tell protesters not to use tape with their protest signs. This is bullshit and should never happen but the relationship with the security cops and the real cops is amazing to me; the real cops are losing their jobs to these rent-a-cops who carry guns. This is just not acceptable. Well back to the protest of the bug judge.

We think we actually saw the someday to be indicted judge, and I got the chance to call out, hey bybee, the torture judge, you must repent, turn yourself in. We know he came out of the court, looked like bybee so what the hell. Tomorrow will be our last day to deal with this monster as he will be on the road to SF, or Nevada. We did not go in because of the hostility of the marshals and I don't agree with going on the court's property and having to behave because of the power of the judges. In Portland all going into the court have to pass us, the lawyers have to pass, so do the judges. They have other entrances but we kept an eye out and it seemed he must not go out for lunch while we were stationed out front. We were more interested in sending messages into the monster judge via the other lawyers and judges; kind of fun.

Tomorrow we will be there about 11: 00 AM or a little after and just spend one hour with the bug judge because we have to be on the Hawthorne Bridge from 3-5 PM. We may leave the HB early due to my limitations of doing two events in one day. We did the best we could and handed out lots of leaflets, talked to lots of people and did not get arrested, not a bad record for our few faithful people who said to this monster of the 9th; "We will never forget what you did!"
can we stop this one?
can we stop this one?