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Nice edited video of the F-29 day of direct action for Portland, Or.

I went to the F-29 occupy portland protest/demonstration to help draw attention to the American Legislative Exchange Council, although I have been part of many actions in the past, this was the first one ive ever attended with video camera.
My idea was to document the action for others viewing pleasure, to make available footage of this to further spread awareness of this action and to be available for documenting any police misconduct for evidence that could be used in any resulting court cases. If you came out that day in the rain, wind and cold, YOU ROCK !!!

here you go  http://youtu.be/23Fto7QejwQ

(is this the best way to publish video on this site?)

f corporate media 02.Mar.2012 11:32

the people

yes: it is the way to publish videos here on indymedia: thanks for doing it

Video: F29 Arrested for criminal mischief 04.Mar.2012 21:46

joe anybody

Here is another video from F29
Filmed at waterfront park after the march
Protester is arrested in last part of video

"F29 Portland Waterfront Park - Arrest for Criminal Mischief"
[8:00 min video]