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Lunatic limbaugh Heard HERE?

Is limbaugh's vileness broadcast in this metro market?
I only listen to KBPS, KOAP, & KBOO. Is rush limbaugh broadcast here? If so, which station? Who are his sponsors? Is it time for local boycott or other action? His obscene anti-woman rant this week should not go unchallenged.

Yuk 02.Mar.2012 11:36

joe anybody

I think it(Rush/Flush)is on 1190AM around mid day

AM radio 02.Mar.2012 14:14


He is on KEX 1190, along with his right-wing pal Bill Cunningham and some others I can't remember. Don't count on any advertisers or sponsors blinking an eye about anything he says. If they cared even a tiny bit they would have bailed a long time ago considering the stuff he says.

Honestly the most recent comment isn't even the worst thing I have heard from him. If you can stomach listening to the show (which I do in the morning sometimes as a laugh), you will be amazed at the insane, hateful stuff this guy says daily.

15 hours a week 02.Mar.2012 21:09

Granny M

9am to noon M-F Contaminating the airwaves.


Occupy KEX

Radio Station Boycotts Work 03.Mar.2012 08:53


Apparently, there's been a huge boycott of KPOJ (620 AM) over the years. People simply don't listen to the station as much as they used to. Given the option, most people who listen to talk radio simply prefer conservative over liberal; this is a demonstrable fact. This is certainly evident in the S.F. Bay Area where there are a significant number of both liberal and conservative talk radio station. What I'd like to see is stations mix it up a bit more. It would be a hit to their ratings but stations like KXL and KEX could certainly benefit from having some more left-thinking presentation.

Fear not Den Mark 03.Mar.2012 13:59

Converse Murdoch

It's being more than challenged.

 link to www.rawstory.com

The propaganda machine is choking on it's own vomit.