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The Torture Judge Comith

Monster in Portland
This is what a defective human looks like
This is what a defective human looks like

This is the person who signed off on the torture memos and gave the cheney/bush administration the legal basis for torturing prisoners in our custody. He was given a seat on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, as a reward. He is a disgrace to the legal profession. Individuals For Justice will protest him coming to Portland to sit in judgment of others when he should stand trial for war crimes. His nickname is the "Bug Judge."

He got the nickname the "Bug Judge" from his position that it is OK to put a prisoner in a closed box and put live bugs in with him/her during questioning. He thinks it is legal to bang the prisoners heads against the wall. Torture by humiliation, you must have seen the naked prisoners piled high and our soldiers laughing at them--just fine with this monster. Just go google bybee-torture and learn what a real monster looks like.

We will protest his arrival at the 9th Circuit Court this coming Monday at 0830 until 0930 in front of the old courthouse, 700 SW 6th Ave (across from Pioneer Square.) Will you join us in telling this War Criminal to get out of our city. He is scheduled to be here all week.


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Thanx 4 Heads Up 02.Mar.2012 11:01

Donny Rumsfeld

Ill'see you there...