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If you have the occupier minset. How come you have not read this book yet or have you?

The whole thing is a mess. It has no head or tails. Just complain on one side and keep on being an integral part of what you are fighting for. You can't have it both ways. You truly are what you are fighting for because you do not withdraw.
If you take this book, read it and just replace a few terms with your own, you will understand why the Occupy movement can't gather a majority of society's support even though society is the 99% that gets screwed with the way things are.

Furthermore, assuming that things get that bad that the current system collapses, that it implodes, what is the plan to create a new one? Where is it?

See, me thinks that there is a lack of preparation for non violent change or any change in our country.

The current President wants congress to produce change and avoid his responsibilities to use executive orders to implement his mandate voted b a majority of Americans. We all know that congress works for the ones that financed their political campaigns. So, an average person must think that there is no solution unless the system implodes by lack of reform. People for change, whichever change their choose are not prepared to produce the change nor to implement it.


while we're at it... 02.Mar.2012 10:02


every occupier should read The Revolt of the Masses, by jose ortega y gasset. most won't take to it right off because it speaks to the lack of discipline in the movement.