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Here Is Your Free Libya, Obama!

Mr. President, you're a war criminal
Here Is Your Free Libya, Obama!

By Lloyd Hart

I have been completely disgusted with the Obama regime's foreign policy but nothing quite symbolizes the savagery of Obama's policies than the video Russian Times has released to the public today. Barrack Obama has taken the best organized African nation where every citizen had better healthcare than Americans and turned it into a mad house run by right wing muslim fundamentalists who are practicing radical racism, wide spread torture and wholesale murder.

Mr. President, you're a war criminal and deserve nothing less than life in prison for your crimes. No election year spinning will get you a new glow to con voters with after they see this. The contents of this video reveals the psychopath lurking underneath your deceitful professorial calm. The world is much larger than the American psychosis and you can no longer hide behind the blathering of your corporate propaganda. I can't wait to here your two faced response to seeing this video. Maybe Bill Maher can make you cool again after this.