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"No man knoweth the hour!"

The following article I've written is my perspective and opinion about the celebration of one's birth on Earth.
"No man knoweth the hour!"
> These are more than words scripture d in the Bible pertaining to the reality
> of DEATH when I think of birthdays, in present day. Traditionally, birthdays
> for many is gathering around a cake lit with candles, and blowing them out.
> Making a wish is often expected soon thereafter. In some cultures,
> ceremonies are celebrated to honor one's new age.
> For me, as I approach the age of 34, I hold in high regard of all my
> struggles, sacrifices, and success of being blessed to survive for yet
> another year.
> Before I can say (or people say to me) "Happy Birthday" what of the ones
> responsible for it? Biggest celebration should go to the very life that's
> responsible for it...........my mother. Twelve days after my mom's 18th
> birthday, she herself gave life on February 22nd, 1978.......me!
> And so have other mothers to their young.
> A friend of mine, single mom Karen Pringle a.k.a Shaman'a Ital Jahroot,
> recently stated her opinion about birthdays. "I think that we celebrate the
> day the mother gave birth and the birth of the child."
> In every single second, minute, and hour of the day towards waking up to a
> "good morning", I often pray for a "good night" sleep. Sleeping is a short
> death. Wide awake could be my last breath. Reborn from near death
> experiences I've encountered, and conquered. Birthdays are a celebration of
> not only being born on a certain day, but to cherish it everyday.
> Everyday is my birthday..........not just the year thereafter!