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Video: Sharing Portland Public Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting

This is a video of the semi-monthly public meeting in the Portland Building regarding the use and sharing of the public sidewalks. Open to the public and city departments for discussion on how we all can get along on the sidewalks in Portland. The meeting was about 1:15 minutes long.
Its held in the Portland Building at 3:30 on the 2nd floor.
Open to city departments and the public to get together and talk about the issues of our city sidewalks.

Portland Advisory Committee public sidewalk meeting 2.6.12.
(video 1:15 min)

The next meeting will possibly be in April (TBA) - it was discussed near the end of the meeting. There is a city webpage on "sidewalk data" it is located here: portlandonline.com Data / Sidewalks
portland advisory meeting
portland advisory meeting
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